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Pour toute personnalisation des jours de départ & d'arrivée, ou de la durée de ce programme, merci de contacter nos agents ou de laisser un commentaire dans la demande de devis.

Détail du voyage :

Free day to visit Sapporo Beer Garden and the Susukino district Jour 1 - Sapporo
Free day to visit Sapporo Beer Garden and the Susukino district

Jour 1 - Sapporo Free day to visit Sapporo Beer Garden and the Susukino district

  • Take the bus from Osaka or Kyoto (depending on your basic tour) to Osaka Airport and fly to the town of Sapporo, on the northernmost island of Japan: Hokkaido.
  • Arrive at Sapporo Airport, where you will be greeted by an English-speaking assistant who will help you take the bus to the town centre where you will find your hotel.
  • Once you have settled in, the rest of the day is free so you can start discovering the city on your own.
  • You can visit the Sapporo Beer Garden, the first Japanese brewery, built in 1876. It turned Sapporo into the Japanese beer capital and one of the most important beer producing areas in the world!
  • Walk around Nijo market, where local delicacies are sold every day!
    You can sample the local dish — Donburi Uni Ikura — a bowl of sea urchins and salmon roe on a bed of rice.
  • Finally, in the evening, experience the bustle of Susukino district, one of the most lively districts in Japan, and enjoy its shopping street: Tanuki-dori. The atmosphere of its bars, neon lights and densely packed crowd is electric!
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Monterey Sapporo Hotel in Sapporo (or similar).
Discover the largest national park in Japan Jour 2 – Daizetsuzan

Jour 2 – Daizetsuzan Discover the largest national park in Japan

  • This morning, after having enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, you will meet your English-speaking guide, who will accompany you as you discover Daizetsuzan National Park in a private car.
  • This Park was created in 1934 and is the largest national park in Japan. Its name means “Snowy Mountains” and refers to the five mountains that are over 2,000 metres high. The park is famous for its wild flora and fauna and houses rare species such as the last brown bears in the archipelago.
  • You will stroll around the amazing scenery of the Sounkyo Canyon, a series of steep gorges, until you reach two incredible waterfalls: Ginga no Taki and Ryusei no Taki, that flow on either side of a cliff and are nicknamed “male waterfall” and “female waterfall”.
  • In the evening, you will return to Sounkyo Onsen, a very famous spa resort in Hokkaido.
  • Lunch at your leisure and dinner in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Sounkyo Choyo Resort Hotel in Sounkyo (or similar)
Visit the town and Ryûhyo-kan Museum Jour 3 – Abashiri

Jour 3 – Abashiri Visit the town and Ryûhyo-kan Museum

  • In a private car, you will go to the town of Abashiri, which, with its great lakes and the shores of the Okhotsk Sea, is a must-see!
  • Visit Ryûhyo-kan Museum. The Okhotsk Sea is the object of studies and fascination, especially concerning the formation of the famous icebergs that float in it in winter. The water at the bottom is salt water but the water is less salty at the surface because of the fresh water from the Russian river Amur, which allows these glaciers to form from mid-January to mid-April.
    Sadly, global warming threatens to bring an end to the atypical situation that makes this the southernmost sea on the planet where the waters freeze in winter!
  • You can also visit the old penitentiary which was built in 1890 and was renowned as being the harshest one in Japan as it was made of wood and had no heating in winter when temperatures could easily drop to -20C!
  • In the evening, you will have dinner in your ryokan.
  • Lunch and dinner in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Hokutenno Oka Abashiriko Tsuruga Resort Ryokan in Abashiri (or similar)
Hot springs Jour 4 – Kawayu Onsen / Akan

Jour 4 – Kawayu Onsen / Akan Hot springs

  • After having had a delicious breakfast at your ryokan, you will continue in a private car with your guide to Akan National Park and Kawayu Onsen,spa resort where you can swim in Ohtô River, into which the boiling waters of the volcanoes flow.
  • Stroll around Lake Kussharo-ko, famous for its beaches of hot volcanic sand.
  • You may even catch a glimpse of the local Loch Ness monster, called Kusshii, who is said to live on a small island in the middle of the lake.
  • Enjoy the natural hot baths of Sunayu, that provide an amazing view of the Lake!
  • Lunch and dinner in our ryokan,
  • Spend the night in the 4* Kawayu Dai-Ichi Hotel Suikazura Hotel in Kawayu Onsen (or similar)
Visit the park and Lake Mashû-ko Jour 5 – Akan

Jour 5 – Akan Visit the park and Lake Mashû-ko

  • After a delicious breakfast, you will visit Akan National Park which houses many volcanoes, beautiful lakes nestled in calderas and vast, dense forests.
  • You will stop to wander around Io-zan, a lunar-like landscape, with bubbling ponds and sulphuric clouds. You will marvel at these impressive geothermic phenomena!
  • Then you will walk around the banks of Lake Mashû-ko, considered to be one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Hokkaido!
    This crater buried at the root of sheer cliffs reveals an almost clear blue Lake, that holds the record for visibility at a depth of 35 metres because the water is so transparent!
  • Have lunch and dinner at your leisure in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the Ryokan Akan Yukunosato Tsuruga 4* in Akan (or similar)
Visit the Park Jour 6 – Kushiro Shitsugen

Jour 6 – Kushiro Shitsugen Visit the Park

  • This morning, you will discover Kushiro Shitsugen National Park where the largest marshlands in the world, the size of Tokyo, can be found.
  • They house hundreds of different species of plants and birds, including more than 2,000 different kinds of animals and plants as well as the famous red crest Japanese crane.
  • To enable you to view this extraordinary fauna, you will go to Kushiro Marsh, Kottara Marsh and Hosooka, the most renowned of the observatories.
  • On a clear day, you can see Mount Shari in the northern part of the marshes and the Akan mountain range in the north-west.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the La Vista Kushiro Hotel in Kushiro
Visit the Clock Tower and Odori Park Jour 7 – Sapporo

Jour 7 – Sapporo Visit the Clock Tower and Odori Park

  • After having had breakfast in your ryokan, you will take the train to Sapporo, still with your English-speaking guide.
  • Today you will visit the town of Sapporo: you will see the famous Clock Tower, one of the symbols of the town.
  • Then you will stroll around Odori Park, a green corridor created in the Meiji period to prevent fires from spreading to the government district.
  • In the centre of the Park, you can admire the former Court of Appeals that is now the Archive Museum.
  • In the evening, you will take a flight back to Osaka.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Granvia Hotel in Osaka
Back to UK Jour 8 - Osaka / London
Back to UK

Jour 8 - Osaka / London Back to UK

  • The day of departure has arrived.
  • You will be taken by bus to Kansai International Airport-Osaka to take a scheduled flight back to London.
  • Sayonara!

Activités du voyage

Notre sélection d'activités

Un condensé d'activités pour agrémenter votre voyage et vous laisser des souvenirs inoubliables. N'hésitez pas à consulter nos spécialistes pour plus d'informations !

Activities included

Guided tour of the towns of Sapporo, Abashiri and Kushiro

Guided tour of the towns of Sapporo, Abashiri and Kushiro

Guided tour of the towns of Sapporo, Abashiri and Kushiro

Visit many of the iconic places and some of the most beautiful monuments of the towns of Hokkaido. This will give you the opportunity to discover the unique culture that developed on the island, including its Ainu history. Indeed, Hokkaido was only colonised by the Japanese in the 19th century when the Ainu people – indigenous to this cold region – were forced to assimilate against their will. In Sapporo, you will also have the opportunity to admire Western-style monuments dating back to the Meiji period. In Abashiri, you will sample delicious fish and seafood from Okhotsk sea and admire the town’s beautiful natural surroundings with fields of wild flowers in summer and a sea of ice in winter.

Guided tour of the Akan, Kushiro Shitsugen and Daisetsuzan National Parks

Guided tour of the Akan, Kushiro Shitsugen and Daisetsuzan National Parks

Guided tour of the Akan, Kushiro Shitsugen and Daisetsuzan National Parks

Thanks to your own private car, you will be able to reach the most unspoiled, inaccessible place on the island with your English-speaking guide. Hokkaido is truly a natural paradise. You will fall in love with every inch of scenery : the mountains, valleys, rivers or lakes, sky-blue seas and skies provide a habitat for a variety of unique flora and fauna. Many trips and short hikes are included in the programme to allow you to take the time to admire, observe and experience this exceptional natural environment

Hôtels de ce voyage

Notre sélection d'hôtels

Voici les hébergements que nous vous proposons pour votre circuit. Ils sont communiqués à titre indicatif et pourront être remplacés par des hôtels de catégorie similaire.

Hotels included

Granvia - Osaka

Hotel Osaka

Granvia - Osaka

Located in the centre of Osaka, in the Umeda district, a few minutes away from JR Osaka station, the 4* Granvia Hotel offers Western-style rooms with a simple, refined decor. All the rooms are equipped with television, mini-bar and coffee/tea service. The hotel houses ten restaurants that serve international and Japanese cuisine in a refined, richly decorated setting. It also offers many leisure amenities: an indoor swimming pool, a mini-golf course and a tennis court.

Monterey - Sapporo

Hotel Sapporo

Monterey - Sapporo

Located in the heart of the town of Sapporo, the 4* Monterey hotel is located in a building with a brightly coloured façade typical of the style of Western buildings in Sapporo. The rooms are decorated in the Belle Époque style and are all equipped with satellite television, mini-bar, refrigerator and Internet connection. The hotel houses a Japanese restaurant, the Karan-Tei. If you wish to relax, you can use the massage service that provides massages in the comfort of your own room.

Choyo Resort - Sounkyo


Choyo Resort - Sounkyo

Sounkyo spa resort has been famous since the Edo period (1603 – 1867) for its hot springs that you can enjoy in the indoor and outdoor baths offered by your ryokan, the 4* Sounkyo Choyo Resort Hotel. Do not forget to relax in the large Kawa no Sasayaki bath that provides a lovely view of the nearby forest as you listen to the sound of Ishikari river! The hotel has both Western and Japanese-style rooms, which all provide a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Furthermore, they are all equipped with television and refrigerator. The Mori no Shi restaurant serves fine seasonal dishes with a buffet of Japanese, Western and Chinese delicacies.

Hokuten no Oka Tsuruga Resort - Abashiri

Hotel Abashiri

Hokuten no Oka Tsuruga Resort - Abashiri

Decorated in a modern, elegant style, the 4* Hokuten no Oka Tsuruga Resort Hotel welcomes you to its privileged, charming setting. The 80 rooms are spacious, with an intimate, warm atmosphere. The hotel houses the Koto buffet-restaurant or chef Tou-Tou’s restaurant where you can enjoy local cuisine and delicious wine. You can relax in the indoor and outdoor hot baths, which are always a treat after a day of sightseeing! Finally, in the evening, take the time to sample a cigar in the dedicated Koten bar .

Kawayu Dai-Ichi Hotel Suikazura - Kawayu Onsen

Hotel Kawayu Onsen

Kawayu Dai-Ichi Hotel Suikazura - Kawayu Onsen

The 4* Superior Kawayu Dai-Ichi Hotel Suikazura welcomes you to its wonderful, elegant and refined setting. Its rooms are all simply decorated in the Japanese style. You cannot fail to appreciate the hotel’s exceptional service, the high point of which is the outdoor hot spring bath, built in the middle of a remarkable landscape. The hotel houses two restaurants: one serves local, seasonal Japanese cuisine and the other serves international cuisine. In the evening, do not hesitate to fully enjoy the massage parlour that offers reflexology treatments .

Yukunosato Tsuruga - Akan

Hotel Akan

Yukunosato Tsuruga - Akan

The 4* Akan Yukunosato Tsuruga Hotel welcomes you to its luxurious setting surrounded by an unspoiled, amazing natural environment. The Western and Japanese-style rooms are all made out of and decorated with wood, which creates a warm atmosphere. The hotel has two outdoor hot baths from which you can observe the nature around you. The 4*Akan Yukunosato Tsuruga Hotel also has five indoor hot baths as well as a jacuzzi and two saunas. In the hotel’s many bars and restaurants, you can enjoy seasonal Japanese cuisine as well as international cuisine prepared in front of you by the cooks.

La Vista Kushiro - Kushiro

Hotel Kushiro Shitsugen

La Vista Kushiro - Kushiro

Overlooking the Kushiro river , the 3* La Vista Kushiro Hotel is located a stone’s throw from Nusamai bridge. The Western and Japanese-style rooms are simple and well lit. They are all equipped with television, tea/coffee service and Internet access. The hotel offers lovely indoor and outdoor hot baths with a commanding view of the river and the town, as well as a sauna. You will find plenty to eat in the large number of restaurants in the town.

Bon à savoir

Additional Information

  • Hotels and meals
    • If a hotel mentioned in the program is not available, a hotel in a similar category will be booked.
    • The visits mentioned in this program are merely suggestions. Of course, you can allocate your free time as you wish and visit other towns near Tokyo and Kyoto apart from those mentioned in the itinerary.
    • Most of the lunches and dinners in this tour are at your leisure to allow you can appreciate the diversity of Japanese cuisine according to your tastes and wishes. Please note that it is very easy to find food in Japan as there are many little restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes. Furthermore, simple, filling meals are inexpensive. Bon appetit!
  • Climate
    • Are you coming to Japan in winter?
      Bring warm clothes as the winter temperatures in Tokyo are similar to those in Paris.
      If you are travelling to the north of Japan in winter, to the west coast or to the Japanese Alps, bring clothes adapted to extreme temperatures since cold winds from Siberia often blow over Japan!
      A real Northern experience!
    • Are you going to Japan in summer?
      Please note that the weather will be very hot and humid! Pack your summer clothes but do not forget to bring an umbrella, especially in June and September, as well as warmer clothes for the cool evenings or for the north of Japan. Do not forget your sunglasses, hats and swimming costumes!
    • Are you going to Japan during the intermediary seasons: spring and autumn?
      Do not hesitate to bring summer clothes (shorts, swimming costumes, T-shirts, light shoes) as well as winter clothes (umbrella, jeans, jumpers, jackets and closed shoes) as the temperatures are mild in the south of Japan but cooler in Tokyo and the north.
    • Are you stopping off in Asia on the way there or on the way back?
      In this case, to avoid standing out in Hong Kong in your ski-suit or winter jacket, pack T-shirts, shorts and light shoes.
  • International flights and stopovers in Asia

    Depending on the period of travel, we have purposely calculated our prices with one of the partner airlines mentioned below so that you can always enjoy the best possible prices.
    As soon as you ask us for a quote, we will select the cheapest company by default (depending on your dates of travel).
    However, if you would prefer to fly with a specific partner airline or if you would like to stop over in a specific Asian city (among those mentioned below), please let us know!
    Please note that the price will be adjusted accordingly.

    • Our partner airlines, which offer flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka:
      • Asiana via Seoul
      • Air France (nonstop flights)
      • Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong
      • Eva Air via Taipei
      • Finnair via Helsinki
      • Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich
    • Stopovers in Asia, Europe or the Middle-East, base price for 1 night, in a double room :
      • Hong Kong, 3* Hotel + transfers + breakfast : from 45€ (about 37 GBP) per person
      • Seoul, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Taiwan, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Europe, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 90€ (about 74 GBP) per person

Prix du Voyage

Le prix comprend

  • 7 nights’ accommodation in a standard double room in the 4* or 4* Superior hotels mentioned in the itinerary
  • If one of these hotels is not available, similar quality accommodation will be booked
  • Meals: six breakfasts and 4 dinners
  • All bus transfers as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Train rides, with second-class bookings, as stated in the itinerary
  • Trips in a private car as stated in the itinerary
  • Visits mentioned in the programme including entry fees
  • The services of a English-speaking guide on Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • The services of an English-speaking assistant on Day 1 to meet you at the airport
  • The activities, trips and visits stated in the itinerary
  • All entry fees, as stated in the itinerary

Le prix ne comprend pas

  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks and meals not included in the programme
  • Entry fees for places of interest that must be paid on the premises during your free day out (Day 1)
  • Activities not included in the programme

* prix à partir de sur une base 2 personnes