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Pour toute personnalisation des jours de départ & d'arrivée, ou de la durée de ce programme, merci de contacter nos agents ou de laisser un commentaire dans la demande de devis.

Détail du voyage :

Free day out in Yanagawa, Ohana Park, temples and shrines Jour 1 - Fukuoka
Free day out in Yanagawa, Ohana Park, temples and shrines

Jour 1 - Fukuoka Free day out in Yanagawa, Ohana Park, temples and shrines

  • Leave from Osaka or Kyoto (depending on your basic tour) for the town of Fukuoka on the famous Shinkansen bullet train. After arriving at the station, you will make your way to the hotel by yourself.
  • Head out to discover the area around Fukuoka, in the northern part of Kyûshu.
  • We highly recommend the town of Yanagawa, 50 kilometres (about 30 miles) south of Fukuoka. Also known as the Japanese Venice, this charming town has over 470 kilometres (about 290 miles) of canal ways. You can discover the town in a gondola or on foot, along the paved banks.
  • Do not miss Ohana Park as well as the town’s many temples and shrines. Make the most of this opportunity to try the local speciality: steamed eel on a bed of rice, seasoned with sweet soy sauce.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Nikko Fukuoka Hotel in Fukuoka (or similar)
Historical district of Hakata, Ohori Park, Kushida-jinja and Tenman-gû shrines Jour 2 – Fukuoka / Nagasaki

Jour 2 – Fukuoka / Nagasaki Historical district of Hakata, Ohori Park, Kushida-jinja and Tenman-gû shrines

  • This morning, you will leave with your English-speaking guide to visit the city of Fukuoka, including the historical district of Hakata.
  • Start with Kushida-jinja shrine, which was founded in 757, then continue on to Ohori Park in the middle of which is an immense Lake that can be crossed by bridges connecting the little islands.
  • Next, you will visit the town of Dazaifu, where you will find Tenman-gû shrine, that can only be reached by crossing three bridges representing the past, the present and the future, thus allowing visitors to cleanse themselves. Many students come to this shrine to pray for success in their exams as it is the final resting place of the poet Sugawara no Michizane (845 – 903), who was worshipped after his death as Tenjin, patron of culture and knowledge.
  • As night falls over the city, you will take the train to the city of Nagasaki.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure
  • Spend the night in the 4* Superior Ana Nagasaki Gloverhill Hotel in Nagasaki (or similar)
Visit the Atomic Bomb Museum, Glover garden, Oura church and Unzen Onsen Jour 3 – Nagasaki / Unzen

Jour 3 – Nagasaki / Unzen Visit the Atomic Bomb Museum, Glover garden, Oura church and Unzen Onsen

  • A long cape (Naga saki) stretches out among scattered islands before opening up onto a natural port, where one of the most pleasant cities in Kyûshu was built: Nagasaki. The city has long benefited from Chinese, Portuguese and Dutch influences, which have given it a discrete, romantic charm, despite the moving memorials that can be found all over the city.
  • In fact, you will visit the Atomic Bomb Museum and the various monuments erected in the Peace Park.
  • Then, in the colonial district, you will walk around Glover Garden, where beautiful Western-style houses can still be found.
  • Nestled at the bottom of the hill on which the garden is built is the Oura Church, which you will visit. It is dedicated to the 26 Christians (6 European missionaries and 20 Japanese), who were crucified Nagasaki in 1597. Indeed, the city welcomed the Portuguese missionaries in the 16th century and was the centre of the development of Christian history in Japan.
  • In the evening, you will go to the Unzen spa resort, in the heart of Shimabara Peninsula. It is famous for its hot springs set out along the volcanic mountains. You will spend the night in a ryokan where you can enjoy onsen: baths using water from the hot springs.
  • Have lunch and dinner in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Superior Kyûshu Hotel in Unzen onsen (or similar)
Jigoku, Feudal castle and Suizen-ji landscape garden Jour 4 – Unzen / Shimabara Peninsula / Kumamoto

Jour 4 – Unzen / Shimabara Peninsula / Kumamoto Jigoku, Feudal castle and Suizen-ji landscape garden

  • After enjoying a traditional breakfast, you will walk around the Unzen Hells, also called Jigoku. These open-air volcanic bubbling pools and fumaroles from which dense clouds escape with a strong sulphuric smell are even more impressive when you remember that some Christians who refused to abjure their faith were thrown into them!
  • Next, you will take a local bus to visit Shimabara Peninsula, where you can see a feudal castle, built in 1625, and an ancient samurai district where there are still traditional thatched-roof buke yashiki.
  • From Shimabara, you will take the ferry for a thirty-minute ride to the town of Kumamoto, the second largest town on the island.
  • Visit the famous feudal castle of Kumamoto, which was built at the beginning of the 17th century.
  • Then, you will stroll around the amazing landscape garden of Suizen-ji, a natural environment with an incredible design reproducing the 53 stops on the old Tokaido road from Tokyo to Kyoto, including Mount Fuji and Lake Biwa.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* New Otani Kumamoto Hotel in Kumamoto
Discover volcanic landscapes Jour 5 – Mount Aso / Beppu

Jour 5 – Mount Aso / Beppu Discover volcanic landscapes

  • The Aso region is home to a mountain range of five volcanic peaks that gave birth to one of the largest calderas in the world with a circumference of 128 kilometres (about 80 miles). Green in summer and covered with snow in winter, the caldera is impressive in all seasons. You will leave on a day trip to hike among these beautiful volcanic landscapes. In the evening, you will go to Beppu spa resort where you will sleep in a ryokan.
  • Lunch on Mount Aso and dinner in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Shiragiku Hotel in Beppu
Visit Beppu spa resort and take the train to Osaka Jour 6 – Beppu / Osaka

Jour 6 – Beppu / Osaka Visit Beppu spa resort and take the train to Osaka

  • After enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will visit the famous Beppu spa resort which boasts clouds of vapour and fumaroles as well as 3,000 natural hot springs.
  • All of Beppu’s geothermal wonders came from the eruption of Tsurumi volcano, which overlooks the beautiful bay, in 867. The legend says that a wounded God recovered his health after bathing in the Waters of Beppu, which may explain the popularity of this town and its onsen.
  • Visit the Jigoku Meguri Hells where the water, vapours and geysers are smoking and colourful!
  • Admire Umi Jigoku (Sea Hell) with its sky-blue water and Oniishi Bôzu jigoku (Monk’s Hell) with bubbling mud pools.
  • In the evening, you will return to Fukuoka, where you will take a train to Osaka.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Granvia Osaka Hotel in Osaka
Back to UK Jour 7 - Osaka / London
Back to UK

Jour 7 - Osaka / London Back to UK

  • The day of departure has arrived.
  • You will be taken by bus to Kansai International Airport-Osaka to take a scheduled flight back to London.
  • Sayonara!

Activités du voyage

Notre sélection d'activités

Un condensé d'activités pour agrémenter votre voyage et vous laisser des souvenirs inoubliables. N'hésitez pas à consulter nos spécialistes pour plus d'informations !

Activities included

Guided tour of the towns of Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto and Beppu.

Guided tour of the towns of Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto and Beppu.

Guided tour of the towns of Fukuoka, Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto and Beppu.

On this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places and some of the most beautiful monuments of the towns of the north of Kyûshu. This will give you the opportunity to discover the unique culture that developed on the island, including its long Christian past since it was in Nagasaki that the Christian missionaries arrived in the 16th century. You will also admire the island’s many volcanoes and enjoy onsen, outdoor hot springs heated by the volcano, that can be found in the towns of Beppu and Unzen.

Trip to the Mount Aso caldera

Trip to the Mount Aso caldera

Trip to the Mount Aso caldera

Mount Aso is the largest volcano in Japan – but also one of the most active! Located in the centre of Kyûshu, Mount Aso is 1,592 metres above sea level. Its amazing caldera is the largest in the world. It is 25 km (15 miles) long and 18 km (11 miles) wide and actually contains more than 15 volcanic cones! The lunar-like scenery that you will encounter on this magical excursion will delight you! You will love the impressive palate of the earth’s moods that are brought to life by geysers, bubbling hot springs, acid blue lakes and many fumaroles!

Hôtels de ce voyage

Notre sélection d'hôtels

Voici les hébergements que nous vous proposons pour votre circuit. Ils sont communiqués à titre indicatif et pourront être remplacés par des hôtels de catégorie similaire.

Hotels included

Granvia - Osaka

Hotel Osaka

Granvia - Osaka

Located in the centre of Osaka, in the Umeda district, a few minutes away from JR Osaka station, the 4* Granvia Hotel offers Western-style rooms with a simple, refined decor. All the rooms are equipped with television, mini-bar and coffee/tea service. The hotel houses ten restaurants that serve international and Japanese cuisine in a refined, richly decorated setting. It also offers many leisure amenities: an indoor swimming pool, a mini-golf course and a tennis court.

Nikko - Fukuoka

Hotel Fukuoka

Nikko - Fukuoka

Just a few steps away from JR Hakata station, the Nikko Fukuoka is a 4* hotel providing an elegant, refined setting. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated in a modern style. Each room is equipped with television, A/C, mini-bar and Internet connection. You can sample Japanese and international cuisine in its many restaurants and bars. Among other services, you can also enjoy the fitness centre, the indoor swimming pool, the sauna and the beauty salon.

Ana Nagasaki Gloverhill - Nagasaki

Hotel Nagasaki

Ana Nagasaki Gloverhill - Nagasaki

Overlooking Nagasaki’s beautiful natural harbour, the 3* Ana Nagasaki Gloverhill hHotel has 217 spacious rooms decorated in a simple, comfortable manner. All the rooms are equipped with A/C and television. The hotel offers the choice of three restaurants serving Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Relax in the hotel’s indoor and outdoor swimming pools, fitness centre and sauna.

Kyushu Hotel - Unzen

Hotel Unzen

Kyushu Hotel - Unzen

Located in beautiful natural surroundings and offering an amazing view of the Unzen Hells, the 4* Kyûshu Hotel welcomes you to its elegant, relaxing setting. The rooms are spacious, comfortable and all decorated in a refined manner with warm colours that contribute to the intimate atmosphere. You can relax in the many indoor and outdoor hot baths, built in amazing natural surroundings. You can enjoy delicious seasonal Japanese cuisine in the hotel’s two restaurants. The hotel also houses a spa where you can take advantage of the health benefits of its massages. Finally, you can also relax in the karaoke bar, where you can sing along to hits in Japanese and English.

New Otani - Kumamoto

Hotel Kumamoto

New Otani - Kumamoto

A few steps from JR Kumamoto station, the 4* New Otani Hotel is an ideal base for discovering this beautiful town and its many treasures. The 130 rooms are elegantly decorated and equipped with A/C, television and mini-bar. The 4* New Otani Hotel houses five restaurants and bars, serving international and Japanese cuisine.

Shiragiku - Beppu

Hotel Beppu

Shiragiku - Beppu

This lovely Ryokan, which is devoted to hot springs that are given pride of place indoors and outdoors, welcomes you to its privileged, luxurious environment. You will enjoy the welcoming setting, which is complemented by the use of noble materials in your Japanese-style room where you will sleep on comfortable tatami mats and on an extremely soft futon. To relax after having taken a bath in the hot springs, try a spa treatment or massage that will relieve and refresh you. Finally, enjoy refined Japanese cuisine served in your room.

Bon à savoir

Additional Information

  • Hotels and meals
    • If a hotel mentioned in the program is not available, a hotel in a similar category will be booked.
    • The visits mentioned in this program are merely suggestions. Of course, you can allocate your free time as you wish and visit other towns near Tokyo and Kyoto apart from those mentioned in the itinerary.
    • Most of the lunches and dinners in this tour are at your leisure to allow you can appreciate the diversity of Japanese cuisine according to your tastes and wishes. Please note that it is very easy to find food in Japan as there are many little restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes. Furthermore, simple, filling meals are inexpensive. Bon appetit!
  • Climate
    • Are you coming to Japan in winter?
      Bring warm clothes as the winter temperatures in Tokyo are similar to those in Paris.
      If you are travelling to the north of Japan in winter, to the west coast or to the Japanese Alps, bring clothes adapted to extreme temperatures since cold winds from Siberia often blow over Japan!
      A real Northern experience!
    • Are you going to Japan in summer?
      Please note that the weather will be very hot and humid! Pack your summer clothes but do not forget to bring an umbrella, especially in June and September, as well as warmer clothes for the cool evenings or for the north of Japan. Do not forget your sunglasses, hats and swimming costumes!
    • Are you going to Japan during the intermediary seasons: spring and autumn?
      Do not hesitate to bring summer clothes (shorts, swimming costumes, T-shirts, light shoes) as well as winter clothes (umbrella, jeans, jumpers, jackets and closed shoes) as the temperatures are mild in the south of Japan but cooler in Tokyo and the north.
    • Are you stopping off in Asia on the way there or on the way back?
      In this case, to avoid standing out in Hong Kong in your ski-suit or winter jacket, pack T-shirts, shorts and light shoes.
  • International flights and stopovers in Asia

    Depending on the period of travel, we have purposely calculated our prices with one of the partner airlines mentioned below so that you can always enjoy the best possible prices.
    As soon as you ask us for a quote, we will select the cheapest company by default (depending on your dates of travel).
    However, if you would prefer to fly with a specific partner airline or if you would like to stop over in a specific Asian city (among those mentioned below), please let us know!
    Please note that the price will be adjusted accordingly.

    • Our partner airlines, which offer flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka:
      • Asiana via Seoul
      • Air France (nonstop flights)
      • Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong
      • Eva Air via Taipei
      • Finnair via Helsinki
      • Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich
    • Stopovers in Asia, Europe or the Middle-East, base price for 1 night, in a double room :
      • Hong Kong, 3* Hotel + transfers + breakfast : from 45€ (about 37 GBP) per person
      • Seoul, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Taiwan, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Europe, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 90€ (about 74 GBP) per person

Prix du Voyage

Le prix comprend

  • 6 nights’ accommodation in a standard double room in the 3* or 4* hotels mentioned in the itinerary
  • If one of these hotels is not available, similar quality accommodation will be booked
  • Meals: two breakfasts, two dinners and one lunch
  • All bus transfers as mentioned in the itinerary
  • Train rides, with second-class bookings, as stated in the itinerary
  • The ferry ride from Shimabara to Kumamoto
  • Visits mentioned in the programme including entry fees
  • The services of a English-speaking guide on Days 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • The activities, trips and visits stated in the itinerary

Le prix ne comprend pas

  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks and meals not included in the programme
  • Activities not included in the programme
  • Entry fees for places of interest that must be paid on the premises during your two free half-days (Day 1)

* prix à partir de sur une base 2 personnes