What about the children ?

What country could be more attractive to children than the birthplace of their childhood heroes from Hello Kitty to Pikachu and video games like Sonic and Super Mario ? Not only is Japan the safest country in the world, it is also full of fascinating activities and services for your children! This tour was designed to be entertaining both for children and adults and combines days of visiting temples and shrines with fun days out for children! In Tokyo, your children will love spending a day at Disneyland, as well as browsing in the Akibahara manga stores or playing in video game arcades like Joypolis in Odaiba! In Nikko, you will discover Japanese culture in an entertaining way at Edo Wonderland theme park where you will enjoy ninja and samurai shows. In Hakone, you will cross Lake Ashi on a pirate ship and in Nara your children will marvel at the tame deer that roam through town and enjoy petting and feeding them.