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Tours for those who already traveled to Japan

Exclusive Japan tours

You have already been to Japan and wish to explore the country differently by discovering confidential places?
These tours are made for you:

Japan cultural tours

VI jardins japonais

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2.364 £ Inc. VAT*

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Japanese gardens - 16 Days | 14 Nights

Oases of calm in a country where life flies by, Japanese gardens are an invitation to meditation, peace and admiration of entrancing landscapes. Respected, adored, contemplated, Japanese nature is ever-present but not always visible. This tour will take you into the heart of this secret plant world and encourages you to cross the threshold of temples and shrines so you may take the time to discover the hushed atmosphere of a refined, delicate Japan.

VI chateaux japon

Price from
2.624 £ Inc. VAT*

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The castles of Japan - 17 Days | 15 Nights

From the coasts of Chugoku to those of Tohoku, discover the most beautiful feudal castles in Japan. Follow us into the small feudal towns of Matsue and Izumo. Be amazed by Matsushima Bay. A trip in the footsteps of the samurai filled with the charm of times gone by and the authenticity of a forgotten side of Japan

VI patrimoine mondial unesco

Price from
3.322 £ Inc. VAT*

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UNESCO World Heritage - 22 Days | 20 Nights

Japan has an extremely rich heritage, which reflects its age-old, unique culture. Discover the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. From the stunning temples of Kyoto and Nikko to the memorials of Hiroshima or the small traditional houses in Shirakawa-Go, let the poetic nature and beauty of these places that bear witness to a glorious past wash over you.

VI temples et sanctuaires

Price from
4.025 £ Inc. VAT*

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Temples and shrines - 22 Days | 20 Nights

From times immemorial, temples and shrines have been an integral part of the lives of Japanese people. Often shrouded in nature to be closer to the kami, the Gods, the temples and shrines can be built in different shapes and colours. With this rich itinerary, discover these cultural, sometimes age-old, places of interest that promote a mystical, magical image

Onsen hot spring tours

VI onsens peninsule izu

Price from
2.944 £ Inc. VAT*

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Onsen in Izu Peninsula - 12 Days | 10 Nights

Partially created by the various eruptions of Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula is made of rugged coasts and a series of charming little ports. This tour will enable you to discover this beautiful Japanese region, which boasts many hot springs with undeniable benefits.

VI onsens sites sacres kii

Price from
3.262 £ Inc. VAT*

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Onsen in the sacred sites of Kii - 15 Days | 13 Nights

Enter into a world of shadows and dark forests and follow the historical pilgrimage trails of the Kii Mountains, which connect Mount Koya to the three shrines of Kumano Sanzan. These sacred, mysterious sites, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are now yours to discover, as are the onsen. A magical, sulphurous trip.

VI onsens alpes japonaises

Price from
3.626 £ Inc. VAT*

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Onsen in the Japanese Alps - 16 Days | 14 Nights

Discover the region of the Japanese Alps, which is made up of volcanoes towering over 3,000 metres (about 9,840 feet) above sea level. This natural volcanic region boasts striking landscapes and delightful hot springs ! This preserved region has maintained its unique culture and this wonderful itinerary will show you the treasures of its past, such as the feudal castles of Matsumoto and Inuyama !

Japan secrets

VI mysterieux chugoku

Price from
2.793 £ Inc. VAT*

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Mysterious Chugoku - 16 Days | 14 Nights

This tour will allow you to discover both sides of Chugoku, from the peaceful coast of the Sea of Japan with its wind-blown shores, wooded hills and steep-sided valleys, where historically important towns that still bear witness to the past were able to develop, to the coast of the Inland Sea, where important cultural sites emerged.

VI chemins pelerinage shikoku

Price from
3.489 £ Inc. VAT*

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Follow the pilgrimage routes of Shikoku - 14 Days | 12 Nights

Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of the Japanese archipelago. A spiritual land, Shikoku is the birthplace of the monk Kukai, the founder of Mount Koya, who will forever be remembered thanks to the 88 Temple Pilgrimage, his creation, which is still fervently followed today. You will pass through ancient feudal towns and discover the delights of Japanese hot springs..

VI le tohoku confidentiel

Price from
3.600 £ Inc. VAT*

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The secrets of Tohoku - 16 Days | 14 Nights

A land where traditions have been preserved, the Tohoku region was long forgotten by the rest of the world. However, as your itinerary unfolds, you will realise that this secret land hides many mysteries. In Sendai and Aizu Wakamatsu, you will discover a region that still bears the mark of the glorious feudal clans. The temples of Hiraizumi will remind you that this was once an important religious and cultural centre.

vi contes legendes kyushu

Price from
4.040 £ Inc. VAT*

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Tales and adventures of Kyushu - 20 Days | 18 Nights

The island of Kyushu, in the southern part of Japan, is a pleasant region that boasts exceptional natural sites, including impressive volcanoes. In the heart of dense, verdant forests, you will find a world of myths and legends as Kyushu is the birthplace of fascinating founding myths that have shaped the face of Japan.

VI hokkaido ou se termine la terre

Price from
4.314 £ Inc. VAT*

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Hokkaido, the end of the Earth - 14 Days | 12 Nights

In the northernmost part of Japan lies a treasure, the rugged, authentic region of Hokkaido, where the Earth ends. It is difficult to access but boasts a troubling and truly unforgettable beauty. Marked by the Ainu people whose way of living in harmony with nature has preserved this natural setting for thousands of years, the region of Hokkaido is the birthplace of Japan

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