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Tokyo, literally “Eastern capital”, has been Japan’s de facto administrative capital since 1868, since it houses the Emperor of Japan and the Prime Minister as well as the headquarters of the Diet (the Japanese parliament), the Cabinet and all its ministries and all the foreign embassies.
Renowned worldwide for its mixture of ultra modern and traditional elements, it is characterized by its skyscrapers and stores selling electronics and hi-fi equipment as well as its many Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples, especially in the Chiyoda, Shibuya and Minato districts.

Tours passing by Tokyo

VI decouverte japon en liberte Discover Japan at your leisure - 9 Jours | 7 Nuits
Discover the Land of the Rising Sun at your leisure, without pressure! This lovely open itinerary will allow you to visit the must-see areas of Japan. From Tokyo, the dynamic capital and heart of Japan that never stops beating, to Kyoto, the cultural capital that houses many treasures, you will explore the contrasts of Japan between modernity and tradition! You will also pass through Hakone, the gateway to the majestic Mount Fuji, the symbol of the country.

Price from: 1451 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI essentiel japon en liberte Discover the main sites of Japan at your own pace - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
In Japan, every moment is a surprise and an incredible discovery ! Among the pure, silver lines of Tokyo’s buildings, a secret garden can sometimes be found around a delicate teahouse. A fascinating country that cultivates the paradoxes for which it is famous, Japan is a strange land that constantly shifts from one extreme to the other. On this very comprehensive tour, discover the most beautiful places of interest of the Land of the Rising Sun, from the baroque, colourful temples of Nikko to the timeless floating torii of Miyajima.

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VI jardins japonais Japanese gardens - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
Oases of calm in a country where life flies by, Japanese gardens are an invitation to meditation, peace and admiration of entrancing landscapes. Respected, adored, contemplated, Japanese nature is ever-present but not always visible. This tour will take you into the heart of this secret plant world and encourages you to cross the threshold of temples and shrines so you may take the time to discover the hushed atmosphere of a refined, delicate Japan.

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VI chateaux japon The castles of Japan - 17 Jours | 15 Nuits
From the coasts of Chugoku to those of Tohoku, discover the most beautiful feudal castles in Japan. Follow us into the small feudal towns of Matsue and Izumo. Be amazed by Matsushima Bay. A trip in the footsteps of the samurai filled with the charm of times gone by and the authenticity of a forgotten side of Japan

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VI patrimoine mondial unesco UNESCO World Heritage - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
Japan has an extremely rich heritage, which reflects its age-old, unique culture. Discover the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. From the stunning temples of Kyoto and Nikko to the memorials of Hiroshima or the small traditional houses in Shirakawa-Go, let the poetic nature and beauty of these places that bear witness to a glorious past wash over you.

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VI temples et sanctuaires Temples and shrines - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
From times immemorial, temples and shrines have been an integral part of the lives of Japanese people. Often shrouded in nature to be closer to the kami, the Gods, the temples and shrines can be built in different shapes and colours. With this rich itinerary, discover these cultural, sometimes age-old, places of interest that promote a mystical, magical image

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VI l archipel aux tresors Treasures of the archipelago - 12 Jours | 10 Nuits
Discover the land of your children’s dreams with your family! With an age-old culture and proud rich cultural heritage that has been successfully preserved, Japan is also the country of the craziest and most futuristic inventions! On this tour, go back in time to the age of samurai and feudal castles one day and leap into the future where the sci-fi world of manga becomes reality the next! A wonderful trip to discover the unsuspected treasures of an atypical country!

Price from: 1896 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI dessine moi le japon Through the eyes of a child - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
Where best to go with children than the country that gave birth to our childhood heroes: from Dragon Ball Z to Pikachu and the charming Hello Kitty? Discover the different facets of Japan ! Discovery, fun and learning abound on this trip, which is filled with fascinating activities, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories !

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VI onsens peninsule izu Onsen in Izu Peninsula - 12 Jours | 10 Nuits
Partially created by the various eruptions of Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula is made of rugged coasts and a series of charming little ports. This tour will enable you to discover this beautiful Japanese region, which boasts many hot springs with undeniable benefits.

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VI onsens sites sacres kii Onsen in the sacred sites of Kii - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
Enter into a world of shadows and dark forests and follow the historical pilgrimage trails of the Kii Mountains, which connect Mount Koya to the three shrines of Kumano Sanzan. These sacred, mysterious sites, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are now yours to discover, as are the onsen. A magical, sulphurous trip.

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VI onsens alpes japonaises Onsen in the Japanese Alps - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
Discover the region of the Japanese Alps, which is made up of volcanoes towering over 3,000 metres (about 9,840 feet) above sea level. This natural volcanic region boasts striking landscapes and delightful hot springs ! This preserved region has maintained its unique culture and this wonderful itinerary will show you the treasures of its past, such as the feudal castles of Matsumoto and Inuyama !

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VI sur la route de tokkaido On the Tokaido road - 10 Jours | 8 Nuits
On this great tour, you will follow in the footsteps of the travellers who used to walk along the mythical Tokaido road, which connected the city of Tokyo to the capital, Kyoto. This itinerary will take you into the heart of Japanese culture to the iconic places along this trail. From Tokyo to Osaka, the ultra modern cities, via Hakone, which offers an incredible view of Mount Fuji, and Kyoto, which will amaze you with its charming alleys where you will find the most beautiful temples and shrines.

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VI estampes autrefois Prints of the past - 9 Jours | 7 Nuits
We will follow the mythical path to discover the Japan of times past. The small towns of Magome and Tsumago will take you back in time as their buildings have retained the architectural style of the past. After the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, discover this lesser-known side of Japan and admire the charms of the natural landscapes of the Japanese Alps before being stunned by the treasures of Kyoto

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VI archipel des contrastes The contrasts of the archipelago - 9 Jours | 7 Nuits
This amazing itinerary will allow you to discover three different sides of Japan, the land of a thousand facets. From Tokyo, the capital where modernity is king, to Kyoto, the beautiful queen of the cities of the Land of the Rising Sun that boasts a richness and abundance of cultural and artistic heritage, via the Japanese Alps, a rural, preserved Japan filled with nature.

Price from: 3572 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI japon aux mille couleurs The thousand colours of Japan - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
An archipelago of 3,000 islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean, Japan is full of treasures that never cease to amaze those who come to explore them. In this fascinating country with an age-old culture and beautiful landscapes, you will adventure out to discover the thousand aspects that have shaped the Empire of the Rising Sun.

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VI le tohoku confidentiel The secrets of Tohoku - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
A land where traditions have been preserved, the Tohoku region was long forgotten by the rest of the world. However, as your itinerary unfolds, you will realise that this secret land hides many mysteries. In Sendai and Aizu Wakamatsu, you will discover a region that still bears the mark of the glorious feudal clans. The temples of Hiraizumi will remind you that this was once an important religious and cultural centre.

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vi contes legendes kyushu Tales and adventures of Kyushu - 20 Jours | 18 Nuits
The island of Kyushu, in the southern part of Japan, is a pleasant region that boasts exceptional natural sites, including impressive volcanoes. In the heart of dense, verdant forests, you will find a world of myths and legends as Kyushu is the birthplace of fascinating founding myths that have shaped the face of Japan.

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VI Tokyo Seoul Tokyo - Seoul - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Between the Land of the Morning Calm and the Land of the Rising Sun, discover two incredibly different sides of the Far East. While Tokyo and Seoul are both huge modern cities, the atmosphere of these two neighbours is widely dissimilar. However, both cities share the charm created by the parks and secret gardens hidden in the shadow of the skyscrapers.

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VI Tokyo Taipei Tokyo - Taipei - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Although both cities offer a blend of modernity and tradition, the only thing that Tokyo and Taipei have in common is the first letter of their names. Discover the charm of the beautiful capital of Formosa, where the Chinese culture is apparent in the architecture of its monuments. A pleasantly relaxing excursion before you dive into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, which is alive 24/7.

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VI HK tokyo Hong Kong - Tokyo - 11 Jours | 8 Nuits
A unique combination of two fascinating Asian cities: Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Discover the magic of these two cities during this 11-day open trip to China and Japan. Our advisors will steer you towards the best activities that these cities offer and will put together an amazing trip that will stay with you forever.

Price from: 1714 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI escapade gourmande tokyo Gastronomic tour in Tokyo - 7 Jours | 5 Nuits
Famous for having one of the healthiest and most refined cuisines in the world, the Japanese archipelago is best known in the West for its sushi. Although this cuisine is becoming better known, you will still be stunned by its variety, richness and delicacy. Not only will you discover the towns of Tokyo and Kamakura on this trip, you are also invited to take part in a culinary discovery! Eating in Japan is truly an authentic experience!

Price from: 1800 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI architecture tokyo Tokyo’s architecture - 8 Jours | 5 Nuits
As its urban guidelines are not as strict as those of European cities, Tokyo was able to experiment architecturally and become a real repository of avant-garde architecture. Indeed, the greatest international brands commissioned world-renowned architects to create some of their most original work in trendy neighbourhoods. This trip will allow you to discover the secrets of Tokyo as you walk through some of the most hidden neighbourhoods !

Price from: 1840 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI Tokyo Kyoto comme on les aime Tokyo and Kyoto the way we like it - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Take a short trip to discover the opposing twins of Japan. Two capitals : one is economic and modern, lit up by the bright lights of its neon signs, the other is the cultural capital, with a hushed, refined atmosphere, boasting a large number of precious monuments. Stay in luxurious boutique hotels that perfectly illustrate the atmosphere of both cities.

Price from: 2895 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Activities in Tokyo

AI   Dysneyland Tokyo A day at Tokyo Disneyland
Spend an unforgettable day at Tokyo Disneyland: come and discover all the magic of the Disney universe in Tokyo ! Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to be built outside of the United States. It houses two parks, including one entirely dedicated to the sea: DisneySea. Full of completely new attractions, the DisneySea theme park allows you to discover the world’s seven seas. A fun-packed day that will delight parents and children alike!

AI   Takayama Shirakawa go City guided tours : Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa...
During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places as well as the most beautiful monuments of the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa. You will thus be able to admire the different kinds of Japanese art: temples and shrines in Kyoto, modern buildings designed by renowned architects in Tokyo, historical houses in Takayama, Kanazawa’s wonderful landscape garden, Shirakawa-go’s Gassho-zukuri , the traditional old houses of Tsumago and Magome, as well as the impressive feudal castle of Matsumoto!

AI   Riviere Sumida Cruise on the river Sumida in Tokyo
Discover Tokyo in a different way by taking a cruise on the river Sumida that flows through Tokyo! For 40 minutes, you will enjoy a unique panorama of the city and will be able to observe all the buildings that make Tokyo an incredible city! The river Sumida is 27 kilometres long and is crossed by 26 bridges, which are all built in a different architectural style. Keep your camera close at hand for stunning pictures of the city and its bay.

AI   croisiere baie Tokyo Dinner and Cruise in Tokyo Bay
Cruise Tokyo Bay in the evening aboard a Yakatabune, a Japanese-style boat dating back centuries, and admire the lights of the Odaiba district, on an artificial island, as well as those of the Rainbow Bridge, which light up the bay and its little islands. You will be served a traditional Japanese tempura dinner: vegetables, seafood or meat fried in a delicate batter that literally melt in your mouth. A delight for the taste buds!

AI   Diner restaurant 1 Enjoy dinner in restaurant that was awarded one star in the Michelin guide
Where you will be served a Teppan-yaki meal. This activity includes round-trip transfers and the presence of an English-speaking guide.

AI   Musee Ghibli Ghibli Museum in Mitaka
Enter into the wonderful world of the greatest manga artist in Japan: Hayao Miyazaki, father of the adorable Totoro and mischievous Chihiro. Take a look behind the scenes of a manga production and walk into the master’s office where you can view beautiful original drawings. In a giant Cat Bus, the children will enjoy viewing an original, unaired twenty-minute animated film. A must-see! This activity is also offered with an English-speaking guide on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:40 p.m. to 6 p.m. – 62 Euros (about 53 GBP)

AI Tokyo Kyoto Kamakura Nara Guided tour of Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, Nara, Osaka and Mount Koya in English
On this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places as well as the most beautiful monuments of the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Kamakura, Nara and Osaka as well as Mount Koya. Discover the different forms of Japanese art: temples, shrines and secret gardens in Kyoto, modern buildings designed by the most renowned architects in Tokyo, the giant bronze Buddha in Kamakura, and age-old temples in Nara and on Mount Koya.

AI   1 2 journee Akihabara Half-day tour of the Akihabara district
Walk around the electric town where you will see many stores selling electronics and manga! You will have the opportunity to visit a maid’s café, where you will be served by a charming waitress dressed up as a maid!

AH   1 2 journee Asakusa Half-day tour of the Asakusa district
You will walk around this popular and colourful district of Tokyo, visit the Buddhist temple of Senso-ji, go shopping in Nakamise and walk in the Imperial Palace Park.

AI   1 2 journee Odaiba Half-day tour of the Odaiba district
Walk around the most futuristic district of Tokyo, located on an artificial island. Visit the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation where you can marvel at the robots of the future.

AI   Planetarium dIkebukuro Ikebukuro Planetarium
Japan is the country with the largest number of planetariums in the world. Make the most of your time in Tokyo to observe the movement of the planets and the stars at Ikebukuro Planetarium! A fun, educational visit that will fascinate children!

AI   Cours de cuisine de Sushi Learn how to make sushi and visit the Tsukiji fish market
Walk around the incredible Tsukiji market, the largest fish market in the world, where thousands of different kinds of fish and seafood are sold. Then take a cooking class and learn how to make the most popular Japanese food in the world: sushi. To top it all off, enjoy the results of your cooking class for lunch!

AI   Quartier dOdaiba Odaiba district
We recommend having dinner in a restaurant in Odaiba overlooking Tokyo Bay.

AI   Grande roue dOdaiba Odaiba Ferris Wheel
Go up on the Ferris Wheel on the artificial island of Odaiba! You will have an amazing view of the city of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay! In the evening, you will be delighted by the beauty of Rainbow Bridge.

AI   Festival dart Echigo Open-air art festival in Echigo-Tsumari
Open-air art festival in Echigo-Tsumari

AI   Shinjuku et Shibuya Shinjuku and Shibuya districts
The Shinjuku district, on the East side, is home to many boutiques and shopping centres. If you want to catch a glimpse of crazy, lively Tokyo, visit Shibuya district, which is incredibly bustling until early evening.

AI   The et cuisine Kaiseki Tea ceremony and Kaiseki dinner
Experience an authentic three-hour tea ceremony performed by tea master Soryu Maruyama. Discover all the steps of the ceremony, from preparing the tea to drinking it, Kaiseki-style. An incredible experience that will bring you closer to one of the most traditional Japanese arts following a meticulously codified ritual that enhances the beauty of each movement.

AI   Cours de cuisine de Tofu Tofu cooking course
Tofu is a soft, white block produced by coagulating soy milk by adding lemon juice, salt and vinegar. It is a common ingredient in Asian dishes and is renowned for its health benefits. During this class, you will learn how to cook tofu with an English-speaking guide. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to eat the food you have prepared

AI   Tokyo Differentes facettes TOKTOKYO : the multi-faceted city
Discover the city for the first time from the top of Tokyo Tower, which provides a panoramic view of the Japanese metropolis stretching out further than the eye can see! Then walk around the Imperial Palace Park before visiting the Buddhist temple of Senso-ji, the most popular temple in Tokyo, easily recognisable by its imposing gate on which hangs an enormous red lantern. Then you will be taken to a completely different neighbourhood for a trip down Tokyo’s Champs-Elysées – Omotesando Avenue – where you will find the biggest fashion brands. Finally, allow yourself to be swept away into one of the wildest neighbourhoods of Tokyo – Harajuku – where you will meet young Japanese people in colourful costumes!

AI   Tokyo dans lapres midi Tokyo afternoon visit
Take in the incredible view of Tokyo from the top of Tokyo Tower. Visit the lively Asakusa district, wander around the Imperial Palace Park and walk down Ginza avenue.

AI   Tokyo Joypolis Tokyo Joypolis
Located on the artificial island of Odaiba, Tokyo Joypolis is the largest video arcade in Japan. It was opened by SEGA in 1994. In this ultimate video game arcade, you will find all sorts of fun, creative attractions that will most certainly delight your children. You will be surprised at the plethora of choices available in the country of innovation! For instance, you can pilot real luxury cars on a virtual racetrack! Fun and laughter guaranteed!

AI   Visite de Tokyo le matin Tokyo morning visit
The Asakusa district and its beautiful temple, walk in the Imperial Palace Park, tour of the Ginza district and visit of Meiji shrine in the scenic Yoyogi park.

AI   Zoo dUeno Ueno Zoo
Ueno Zoo is one of the oldest and biggest zoological gardens in Japan. It is famous for the 464 different species that live in the park and houses species unique to Japan like the Hokkaido brown bear and the Japanese crane. An artificial lake provides a home for rare birds to live as they would in the wild. Finally, the zoo also has a vivarium and a small aquarium! A lovely day out inside the city of Tokyo.

AI   Visite de Tokyo la journee Visit Tokyo
Visit Meiji shrine in the heart of Yoyogi Park, walk in the Imperial Palace Park, wander around the colourful Asakusa district and admire its beautiful temple. Then, take a lunch cruise on the Sumida all the way to Tokyo Bay. Finally, visit the artificial island of Odaiba.

AI   Visite de Tokyo de nuit Visit Tokyo by Night and have dinner in a Japanese restaurant
Have dinner in a typical Japanese restaurant where you can choose from a selection of Japanese delicacies from Tempura to Sashimi and Sukiyaki. Then discover Tokyo by night and visit the artificial island of Odaiba and the Ginza district, famous for its multi-coloured neon lights, and admire the view from the observatory in Roppongi Hills.

AI   Match de Baseball Watch a baseball match
Did you know that, sumo wrestling aside, the most popular sport in Japan is baseball? This typical American sport has taken over the island chain that passionately supports the different teams! In fact, the Japanese became the baseball world champions this year for the second time in a row, beating the American and Korean teams ! Outside of the US, the most famous baseball team in the world is the Tokyo Giants whose home stadium Tokyo dome is nicknamed “the Big Egg”. Attend a match and watch the crowd go wild!

AI   Representation de Kabuki Watch a Kabuki performance
Watch a Kabuki performance, a theatrical art typical to Japan. In beautiful sets representing traditional Japanese landscapes, the actors – all men – wear extremely elaborate costumes and make-up and act, sing, dance and play musical instruments to the delight of the crowd. This show is rich in colour and full of poetry – let it transport you to another world!

AI   Match de Sumo Watch a sumo match in Tokyo
Experience a unique holiday by watching a sumo match, a traditional Japanese sport which is extremely popular in the island chain. These fights were born almost 1,500 years ago as part of a Shinto ceremony. They were dedicated to the Gods along with songs and dances to ensure a good harvest. This sport is particularly impressive as it still contains religious rituals that are performed before and after the game, and the matches themselves are incredible! It is possible to follow this activity with a Japanese dinner: discover the meal of sumo wrestlers, Chanko Nabe – 42 Euros (about 38 GBP).

AI   Entrainement de sumo Watch sumo training and meet champions!
Experience an enriching, incredible moment as you meet sumo champions! They are highly respected and even worshipped in Japan! You will watch them train and then share a traditional meal with them: Chanko Nabe. A genuine, unique experience!

AI   Pour les enfants What about the children ?
What country could be more attractive to children than the birthplace of their childhood heroes from Hello Kitty to Pikachu and video games like Sonic and Super Mario ? Not only is Japan the safest country in the world, it is also full of fascinating activities and services for your children! This tour was designed to be entertaining both for children and adults and combines days of visiting temples and shrines with fun days out for children! In Tokyo, your children will love spending a day at Disneyland, as well as browsing in the Akibahara manga stores or playing in video game arcades like Joypolis in Odaiba! In Nikko, you will discover Japanese culture in an entertaining way at Edo Wonderland theme park where you will enjoy ninja and samurai shows. In Hakone, you will cross Lake Ashi on a pirate ship and in Nara your children will marvel at the tame deer that roam through town and enjoy petting and feeding them.

Hotels in Tokyo

HI B Ikebukuro Tokyo
B Ikebukuro - Tokyo
A three-minute walk from JR Ikebukuro station, on the Yamanote Line that connects the main sites of Tokyo, the 3* B Ikebukuro Hotel is a modern, simple and comfortable hotel with 109 rooms that are all equipped with A/C, television and Internet access. There are many shops and restaurants in the Ikebukuro district, including some of Tokyo’s biggest shopping centres – Seibu, Tobu and Sunshine city – in which it is very easy to get lost!

HI Grand Prince Takanawa Tokyo
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa - Tokyo
Close to the JR Shinagawa subway station, the 4* Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa is perfectly located for exploring the city as it is only a few stops away from the Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku neighbourhoods on one side and Ginza, the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Bay on the other. This beautiful hotel has comfortable, spacious rooms, some of which overlook a lovely little Japanese garden. They are all equipped with television, A/C and Internet connection. If you wish to relax, a sauna, jacuzzi, fitness centre and massage parlour offering aromatherapy treatments are all available inside the hotel.

HI hebergement chez habitant
Hébergement chez l’Habitant
Découvrez le Japon autrement en partageant des moments de vie avec ses habitants ! Tentez l’expérience la plus authentique qui soit afin de mieux comprendre le quotidien des japonais : séjournez chez une famille japonaise ! Vous avez le choix de partager avec eux vos dîners, ce qui vous permet de goûter à la délicieuse cuisine traditionnelle faite maison. Une expérience riche et très humaine qui vous permet de savourer un Japon authentique!

HI Keio Plaza Shinjuku Tokyo
Keio Plaza Shinjuku - Tokyo
The 4* Keio Plaza Hotel is an ideal base for exploring the wonderful city of Tokyo! It is located in Shinjuku, the nerve centre of Tokyo, and provides easy access to the different sites of the city. A five-minute walk from the station, the Keio Plaza Hotel’s 1440 rooms are all equipped with television, Wi-Fi, mini-bar and tea service. You can find many places to eat a short distance from the hotel, but the Keio Plaza also serves international and Japanese cuisine in its bars and restaurants. The hotel also provides many other services: beauty parlour, photo studio, tea ceremony room (reservations only), as well as a bureau de change. Finally, you can enjoy the fitness centre from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

HI Pacific Tokyo shinagawa
Pacific - Tokyo
Ideally located a three-minute walk from JR Shinagawa station and on the JR Yamanote Line that connects the main sites of the town, the 4*Le Pacific Hotel welcomes you to its elegant, refined setting. All the rooms are equipped with television, A/C and tea/coffee service. Inside the hotel, you will find a large selection of bars and restaurants serving Japanese and Western cuisine. The hotel also provides a wide number of services and boutiques: a French bakery, a jeweller’s, a souvenir shop, a small supermarket, a beauty parlour, a photo studio, as well as a relaxation and massage parlour. You can also enjoy the beautiful Takanawa-no-mori Japanese garden.

HI Park Tokyo shimbashi
Park Hotel - Tokyo
Located a few steps away from the Shiodome subway station and very close to Shimbashi JR station, the 4* Superior Park Hotel is an excellent choice if you are spending a few days in Tokyo. Very modern, the Park Hotel is designated a "Design Hotel" and offers comfortable rooms with warm, soothing colours decorated with works by Monique Le Houelleur. The Park Hotel houses two famous restaurants, including the Tateru Yoshino restaurant – named after its chef –, which was given a star by the Michelin guide in 2008 and 2009.

HI Peninsula Tokyo
Peninsula - Tokyo
Ideally located, a two-minute walk from Hibiya subway station, near the Imperial Palace, the 5*Peninsula Hotel welcomes you to one of the most stunning and refined settings of the capital. All the rooms are sumptuously decorated and equipped with television, A/C and tea/coffee service. In the hotel, you will find a large choice of bars and restaurants serving Japanese and Western cuisine. Do not forget to sample the delicacies of Hei Fung Terrace Chinese restaurant, where the chef won a star in the Michelin guide. Relax in the hotel’s amazing spa that offers gentle treatments to help you unwind after a day of sightseeing.

HI Remm Hibiya Tokyo
Remm Hibiya - Tokyo
Located a four-minute walk from JR Yurakucho station, on the Yamanote Line, the 3* Superior Remm Hibiya Hotel is ideally located in downtown Tokyo, next to the Ginza shopping district, Hibiya park and the Imperial Palace. This beautiful boutique hotel opened in November 2007, and now welcomes you to its modern, stylish setting. All the rooms are spacious, well lit and elegantly decorated and provide a lovely view of Tokyo. The hotel house the Muji café that serves delicious breakfasts as a perfect start to your day.

HI The Prince Park Tower Tokyo
The Prince Park Tower - Tokyo
The 4* Prince Park Tower Hotel is located in the heart of Tokyo, in Shiba park, a stone’s throw from Tokyo Tower. The rooms have a luxurious, refined decor and offer a panoramic view of Tokyo. They are extremely well equipped with flat screen LCD Plasma television, mini-bar and Wi-Fi access. The hotel has no less than fourteen restaurants serving various international and Japanese dishes. You can also enjoy the indoor hot baths, the sauna, the jacuzzi, the indoor swimming pool and a fitness centre. There is also a spa where you can receive wonderful massages.

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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