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The town of Nikkô is hidden among forests of giant Japanese cedars. At first, this town with its early 20th century station does not seem particularly interesting. However, it houses many treasures…

Tours passing by Nikko

VI essentiel japon en liberte Discover the main sites of Japan at your own pace - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
In Japan, every moment is a surprise and an incredible discovery ! Among the pure, silver lines of Tokyo’s buildings, a secret garden can sometimes be found around a delicate teahouse. A fascinating country that cultivates the paradoxes for which it is famous, Japan is a strange land that constantly shifts from one extreme to the other. On this very comprehensive tour, discover the most beautiful places of interest of the Land of the Rising Sun, from the baroque, colourful temples of Nikko to the timeless floating torii of Miyajima.

Price from: 2050 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI patrimoine mondial unesco UNESCO World Heritage - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
Japan has an extremely rich heritage, which reflects its age-old, unique culture. Discover the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. From the stunning temples of Kyoto and Nikko to the memorials of Hiroshima or the small traditional houses in Shirakawa-Go, let the poetic nature and beauty of these places that bear witness to a glorious past wash over you.

Price from: 3330 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI temples et sanctuaires Temples and shrines - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
From times immemorial, temples and shrines have been an integral part of the lives of Japanese people. Often shrouded in nature to be closer to the kami, the Gods, the temples and shrines can be built in different shapes and colours. With this rich itinerary, discover these cultural, sometimes age-old, places of interest that promote a mystical, magical image

Price from: 4034 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI dessine moi le japon Through the eyes of a child - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
Where best to go with children than the country that gave birth to our childhood heroes: from Dragon Ball Z to Pikachu and the charming Hello Kitty? Discover the different facets of Japan ! Discovery, fun and learning abound on this trip, which is filled with fascinating activities, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories !

Price from: 1955 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI le tohoku confidentiel The secrets of Tohoku - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
A land where traditions have been preserved, the Tohoku region was long forgotten by the rest of the world. However, as your itinerary unfolds, you will realise that this secret land hides many mysteries. In Sendai and Aizu Wakamatsu, you will discover a region that still bears the mark of the glorious feudal clans. The temples of Hiraizumi will remind you that this was once an important religious and cultural centre.

Price from: 3609 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI Tokyo Seoul Tokyo - Seoul - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Between the Land of the Morning Calm and the Land of the Rising Sun, discover two incredibly different sides of the Far East. While Tokyo and Seoul are both huge modern cities, the atmosphere of these two neighbours is widely dissimilar. However, both cities share the charm created by the parks and secret gardens hidden in the shadow of the skyscrapers.

Price from: 1441 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI Tokyo Taipei Tokyo - Taipei - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Although both cities offer a blend of modernity and tradition, the only thing that Tokyo and Taipei have in common is the first letter of their names. Discover the charm of the beautiful capital of Formosa, where the Chinese culture is apparent in the architecture of its monuments. A pleasantly relaxing excursion before you dive into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, which is alive 24/7.

Price from: 1655 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI HK tokyo Hong Kong - Tokyo - 11 Jours | 8 Nuits
A unique combination of two fascinating Asian cities: Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Discover the magic of these two cities during this 11-day open trip to China and Japan. Our advisors will steer you towards the best activities that these cities offer and will put together an amazing trip that will stay with you forever.

Price from: 1715 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Activities in Nikko

AI   Takayama Shirakawa go City guided tours : Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa...
During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places as well as the most beautiful monuments of the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa. You will thus be able to admire the different kinds of Japanese art: temples and shrines in Kyoto, modern buildings designed by renowned architects in Tokyo, historical houses in Takayama, Kanazawa’s wonderful landscape garden, Shirakawa-go’s Gassho-zukuri , the traditional old houses of Tsumago and Magome, as well as the impressive feudal castle of Matsumoto!

AI   Wonderland Edo Edo Wonderland theme park in Nikko
Discover one side of feudal Japan in Edo Wonderland Mura theme park where you can watch samurai and ninja shows and observe the daily life of the Edo period – a fun, exciting way for children to understand Medieval times in Japan and meet Japanese warriors!

AI   Visite de Nikko Guided tour of Nikko
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Nikko is a must-see. This small mountain town houses incredible baroque temples. Visit the renowned Toshogu temple that shines brightly in the heart of a forest of giant Japanese cedars. After lunch, you will go to the shores of Lake Chuzenji, in the shade of Mount Nantai. You will admire Kegon Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Japan!

AI   dAomori Sendai Aizu Visit the towns of Aomori, Sendai, Aizu Wakamatsu, Hiraizumi, Kakunodate and Nikko
Visit the historical towns of Tohoku and discover the wonders of the past ! From the temples of Hiraizumi, once the great cultural centre of the region, to the feudal castles of Aizu Wakamatsu and Sendai and the samurai houses of Kakunodate, this itinerary will take you to the heart of an unspoiled region where you will discover its fascinating age-old history!

Hotels in Nikko

HI Nikko lakeside
Lakeside Hotel - Nikko
Built during the Meiji period, the 3* Nikko Lakeside Hotel is very close to Lake Chuzenji. It offers Western and Japanese-style rooms, with a simple, functional decor, equipped with television, coffee/tea service and Internet connection. You can relax in the hotel's indoor and outdoor hot baths. The hotel offers a choice of restaurants serving Western and international food.

HI Minshuku Rindou no ie  Nikko
Minshuku Rindou-no-ie - Nikko
Spend the night in an authentic Japanese home! When you arrive at the Minshuku Rindou-no-ie, you will be given a warm welcome by a charming English-speaking Japanese couple. The husband cooks delicious, traditional Japanese cuisine made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. You will feel at home in this little house, which is typical of the Nikko area – it is a wonderful opportunity for a unique experience. All the rooms are equipped with television as well as tea/coffee service. A computer is available for you to connect to the Internet at any point in the day at no extra cost. Finally, you can reserve the hot baths for your own private use!

HI Nikko Senhime Monogatari
Senhime Monogatari - Nikko
The 4* Senhime Monogatari Hotel is located in downtown Nikko, a ten-minute walk from the station. Behind its modern façade, this hotel offers Japanese-style rooms with an amazing view of the river. You can unwind indoors and outdoors in one of the hotel’s many hot baths. You can also choose between two restaurants serving Japanese cuisine, including one with excellent Ramen noodles. Finally, the hotel also houses a souvenir shop, a karaoke room and a video game room.

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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