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133 m (about 436 feet) high and 13 m (about 42 feet) wide, these are the largest waterfalls in Japan. They flow from the Nachi mountains. The waterfall led to the foundation of Kumano Nachi Taisha shrine and is still worshipped today.

Tours passing by Nachi No Taki

VI temples et sanctuaires Temples and shrines - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
From times immemorial, temples and shrines have been an integral part of the lives of Japanese people. Often shrouded in nature to be closer to the kami, the Gods, the temples and shrines can be built in different shapes and colours. With this rich itinerary, discover these cultural, sometimes age-old, places of interest that promote a mystical, magical image

Price from: 4050 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI onsens sites sacres kii Onsen in the sacred sites of Kii - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
Enter into a world of shadows and dark forests and follow the historical pilgrimage trails of the Kii Mountains, which connect Mount Koya to the three shrines of Kumano Sanzan. These sacred, mysterious sites, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are now yours to discover, as are the onsen. A magical, sulphurous trip.

Price from: 3282 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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