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Matsuyama is the capital of Ehime Prefecture, which used to be known as the Iyo province before the Meiji period The name of the town translates to "pine mountain".

Tours passing by Matsuyama

VI shikoku echappee mer interieure Shikoku, trip to the Inland Sea - 8 Jours | 7 Nuits
Incredibly peaceful and beautiful, the Inland Sea boasts many lovely marine landscapes, the charm of which is reinforced by the hundreds of little islands that stud its surface. From Honshû to Shikoku, you only need to cross a bridge to fall in love with the grace of these authentic, picturesque landscapes that make Shikoku the most touching island to discover.

Price from: 4296 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI chemins pelerinage shikoku Follow the pilgrimage routes of Shikoku - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
Shikoku is the smallest of the four main islands of the Japanese archipelago. A spiritual land, Shikoku is the birthplace of the monk Kukai, the founder of Mount Koya, who will forever be remembered thanks to the 88 Temple Pilgrimage, his creation, which is still fervently followed today. You will pass through ancient feudal towns and discover the delights of Japanese hot springs..

Price from: 3520 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Activities in Matsuyama

AI   Les Onsens Onsen
Make the most of your trip and discover the joys of Japanese “onsen”: a traditional bath, perfect to relax and unwind after a day of sightseeing !

AI   Rickshaw a Matsuyama Rickshaw in the streets of Matsuyama
Discover the town of Matsuyama thanks to an original and very Asian form of transport ! Comfortably seated in your rickshaw, let your driver take you through the maze of streets, relax and enjoy the amazing scenery around you!

AI   Takamatsu Itano Visit the towns of Takamatsu, Itano, Iya, Kotohira and Matsuyama
On this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places as well as the most beautiful monuments of the towns of Shikoku. This will offer you a glimpse of the original culture that developed on the island. Shikoku Island also has a strong religious background since it is the birthplace of Kukai, the monk who founded Mount Koya, as well as the 88 temples on the pilgrimage path. You will also have the opportunity to admire the natural beauties of the inland sea and Iya Valley and enjoy hot baths in the most famous spa resort in Japan: Dôgô Onsen.

Hotels in Matsuyama

HI Kowakuen
Kowakuen - Matsuyama
The 4* Kowakuen hotel has a modern façade and is located a few minutes away from Dôgô Onsen, the most famous bathhouse in Japan. It offers traditional Japanese-style rooms. You will thus be able to try out typical Japanese beds - futons - in a comfortable manner! The 4* Kowakuen hotel offers many indoor and outdoor hot baths that you can enjoy in the evening: you are guaranteed to feel relaxed afterwards! Your meal will be served in your room; the hotel’s specialty is seafood and fresh fish. A delight for the taste buds!

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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