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Matsuyama (Ehime Prefecture) has a population of over 460,000. Matsuyama houses the Shiki Masaoka Museum as well as natural hot spring resorts. Matsuyama-Jô: This castle was built in 1603 by Yashiakira on the top of Mount Katsuyama (132 metres – about 433 feet).

Tours passing by Matsuyama-jô

VI chateaux japon The castles of Japan - 17 Jours | 15 Nuits
From the coasts of Chugoku to those of Tohoku, discover the most beautiful feudal castles in Japan. Follow us into the small feudal towns of Matsue and Izumo. Be amazed by Matsushima Bay. A trip in the footsteps of the samurai filled with the charm of times gone by and the authenticity of a forgotten side of Japan

Price from: 2628 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI mysterieux chugoku Mysterious Chugoku - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
This tour will allow you to discover both sides of Chugoku, from the peaceful coast of the Sea of Japan with its wind-blown shores, wooded hills and steep-sided valleys, where historically important towns that still bear witness to the past were able to develop, to the coast of the Inland Sea, where important cultural sites emerged.

Price from: 2797 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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