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Nakanoshima is a 3 km long and 50 hectares narrow sandbank in Kita-ku, Osaka city, Japan, that divides the Kyū-Yodo River into the Tosabori and Dōjima rivers. Many governmental and commercial offices (including the city hall of Osaka), museums and other cultural facilities are located on Nakanoshima.

Tours passing by Ile de Nakanoshima

VI onsens sites sacres kii Onsen in the sacred sites of Kii - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
Enter into a world of shadows and dark forests and follow the historical pilgrimage trails of the Kii Mountains, which connect Mount Koya to the three shrines of Kumano Sanzan. These sacred, mysterious sites, which are now part of the UNESCO World Heritage, are now yours to discover, as are the onsen. A magical, sulphurous trip.

Price from: 3267 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI mysterieux chugoku Mysterious Chugoku - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
This tour will allow you to discover both sides of Chugoku, from the peaceful coast of the Sea of Japan with its wind-blown shores, wooded hills and steep-sided valleys, where historically important towns that still bear witness to the past were able to develop, to the coast of the Inland Sea, where important cultural sites emerged.

Price from: 2797 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Hotels in Ile de Nakanoshima

HI Nakanoshima
Ryokan Nakanoshima - Nakanoshima Island
Welcome to the private island of Nakanoshima in the Pacific Ocean, a few nautical miles from the Kumano Peninsula. Have a pleasant, relaxing stay in this beautiful modern ryokan where all the rooms overlook the sea. You can wander around the unspoiled island, which offers wonderful views of the Kumano Peninsula. Make sure you do not miss the many natural and landscaped hot baths from which you can hear the lapping waves of the Pacific.

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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