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Hiroshima is the capital of Hiroshima Prefecture and the most important city in the Chūgoku region. It is located on the northern coast of the Seto Inland Sea, on the island of Honshū, in the western part of Japan. The town is sadly famous for being the first atomic victim in history on the 6th of April 1945. The ruins of the Genbaku Dome, one of the only buildings not to be completely destroyed during the explosion, have been preserved to bear witness to this event.

Tours passing by Hiroshima

VI essentiel japon en liberte Discover the main sites of Japan at your own pace - 15 Jours | 13 Nuits
In Japan, every moment is a surprise and an incredible discovery ! Among the pure, silver lines of Tokyo’s buildings, a secret garden can sometimes be found around a delicate teahouse. A fascinating country that cultivates the paradoxes for which it is famous, Japan is a strange land that constantly shifts from one extreme to the other. On this very comprehensive tour, discover the most beautiful places of interest of the Land of the Rising Sun, from the baroque, colourful temples of Nikko to the timeless floating torii of Miyajima.

Price from: 2065 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI chateaux japon The castles of Japan - 17 Jours | 15 Nuits
From the coasts of Chugoku to those of Tohoku, discover the most beautiful feudal castles in Japan. Follow us into the small feudal towns of Matsue and Izumo. Be amazed by Matsushima Bay. A trip in the footsteps of the samurai filled with the charm of times gone by and the authenticity of a forgotten side of Japan

Price from: 2649 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI patrimoine mondial unesco UNESCO World Heritage - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
Japan has an extremely rich heritage, which reflects its age-old, unique culture. Discover the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Japan. From the stunning temples of Kyoto and Nikko to the memorials of Hiroshima or the small traditional houses in Shirakawa-Go, let the poetic nature and beauty of these places that bear witness to a glorious past wash over you.

Price from: 3354 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI temples et sanctuaires Temples and shrines - 22 Jours | 20 Nuits
From times immemorial, temples and shrines have been an integral part of the lives of Japanese people. Often shrouded in nature to be closer to the kami, the Gods, the temples and shrines can be built in different shapes and colours. With this rich itinerary, discover these cultural, sometimes age-old, places of interest that promote a mystical, magical image

Price from: 4063 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI l archipel aux tresors Treasures of the archipelago - 12 Jours | 10 Nuits
Discover the land of your children’s dreams with your family! With an age-old culture and proud rich cultural heritage that has been successfully preserved, Japan is also the country of the craziest and most futuristic inventions! On this tour, go back in time to the age of samurai and feudal castles one day and leap into the future where the sci-fi world of manga becomes reality the next! A wonderful trip to discover the unsuspected treasures of an atypical country!

Price from: 1911 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI shikoku echappee mer interieure Shikoku, trip to the Inland Sea - 8 Jours | 7 Nuits
Incredibly peaceful and beautiful, the Inland Sea boasts many lovely marine landscapes, the charm of which is reinforced by the hundreds of little islands that stud its surface. From Honshû to Shikoku, you only need to cross a bridge to fall in love with the grace of these authentic, picturesque landscapes that make Shikoku the most touching island to discover.

Price from: 4297 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI japon aux mille couleurs The thousand colours of Japan - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
An archipelago of 3,000 islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean, Japan is full of treasures that never cease to amaze those who come to explore them. In this fascinating country with an age-old culture and beautiful landscapes, you will adventure out to discover the thousand aspects that have shaped the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Price from: 5866 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI mysterieux chugoku Mysterious Chugoku - 16 Jours | 14 Nuits
This tour will allow you to discover both sides of Chugoku, from the peaceful coast of the Sea of Japan with its wind-blown shores, wooded hills and steep-sided valleys, where historically important towns that still bear witness to the past were able to develop, to the coast of the Inland Sea, where important cultural sites emerged.

Price from: 2819 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Activities in Hiroshima

AI   Hiroshima Hiroshima
We will visit the sadly famous city of Hiroshima and follow the peace itinerary. This will take us to the Atomic Bomb Dome, a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it is one of the only buildings in the town centre to have remained upright after the explosion, even though the bomb exploded right above the building. After this, we will visit the Memorial as well as the Atomic Bomb Museum.

AI   Sites Culturels Shugoku Visit the main cultural sites of Chugoku
Discover or rediscover the two main cultural sites of Chugoku, listed as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO: Hiroshima and Miyajima. From the city with the tragic history that really should be commemorated by a visit to the Peace Memorial to the sacred island – with its bright red sacred Torii that stands in the waters of the inland sea for all eternity and is one of the most famous images of Japan – , you will travel through a region steeped in history which offers some incredible vestiges of the past.

Hotels in Hiroshima

HI Granvia Hiroshima
Granvia - Hiroshima
A short distance from JR Hiroshima station, the 4*Granvia Hiroshima Hotel is an ideal base from which to explore the area around Hiroshima. The rooms are decorated in a simple, elegant manner and offer all the comfort you would expect from a modern hotel of superior standing. They are all equipped with A/C and television. With five different restaurants inside the hotel, you will find everything you need to enjoy Japanese and international cuisine.

HI New Hiroden Hiroshima
New Hiroden - Hiroshima
L’hôtel New Hiroden 3* est situé tout près de la rivière Kyobashi, une des 6 rivières qui traversent Hiroshima, à 3 minutes à pieds de la gare d’Hiroshima. L’hôtel est constitué de 256 chambres joliment décorées et toutes équipées de la climatisation, de la télévision par satellite, d’un service à thé ou café ainsi que d’un petit réfrigérateur. Le New Hiroden Hiroshima 3* propose, en outre, une cuisine japonaise et internationale dans ses nombreux restaurants. En outre, vous trouverez au sein de l’hôtel une boutique, un bureau de change, un spa ainsi qu’un salon de massages.

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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