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Hakone, a 1h30 train ride from Shinjuku station in Tokyo, is famous for its hot springs. The town is nestled in the beautiful mountainous region of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Chokoku-no-mori Museum is one of the most interesting places to visit. It houses an open-air exhibit of hundreds of sculptures from the 19th and 20th centuries, made by Japanese and Western artists.

Tours passing by Hakone

VI decouverte japon en liberte Discover Japan at your leisure - 9 Jours | 7 Nuits
Discover the Land of the Rising Sun at your leisure, without pressure! This lovely open itinerary will allow you to visit the must-see areas of Japan. From Tokyo, the dynamic capital and heart of Japan that never stops beating, to Kyoto, the cultural capital that houses many treasures, you will explore the contrasts of Japan between modernity and tradition! You will also pass through Hakone, the gateway to the majestic Mount Fuji, the symbol of the country.

Price from: 1450 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI dessine moi le japon Through the eyes of a child - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
Where best to go with children than the country that gave birth to our childhood heroes: from Dragon Ball Z to Pikachu and the charming Hello Kitty? Discover the different facets of Japan ! Discovery, fun and learning abound on this trip, which is filled with fascinating activities, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories !

Price from: 1954 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI onsens peninsule izu Onsen in Izu Peninsula - 12 Jours | 10 Nuits
Partially created by the various eruptions of Mount Fuji, Izu Peninsula is made of rugged coasts and a series of charming little ports. This tour will enable you to discover this beautiful Japanese region, which boasts many hot springs with undeniable benefits.

Price from: 2948 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI sur la route de tokkaido On the Tokaido road - 10 Jours | 8 Nuits
On this great tour, you will follow in the footsteps of the travellers who used to walk along the mythical Tokaido road, which connected the city of Tokyo to the capital, Kyoto. This itinerary will take you into the heart of Japanese culture to the iconic places along this trail. From Tokyo to Osaka, the ultra modern cities, via Hakone, which offers an incredible view of Mount Fuji, and Kyoto, which will amaze you with its charming alleys where you will find the most beautiful temples and shrines.

Price from: 3546 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI japon aux mille couleurs The thousand colours of Japan - 14 Jours | 12 Nuits
An archipelago of 3,000 islands scattered across the Pacific Ocean, Japan is full of treasures that never cease to amaze those who come to explore them. In this fascinating country with an age-old culture and beautiful landscapes, you will adventure out to discover the thousand aspects that have shaped the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Price from: 5819 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI Tokyo Seoul Tokyo - Seoul - 8 Jours | 6 Nuits
Between the Land of the Morning Calm and the Land of the Rising Sun, discover two incredibly different sides of the Far East. While Tokyo and Seoul are both huge modern cities, the atmosphere of these two neighbours is widely dissimilar. However, both cities share the charm created by the parks and secret gardens hidden in the shadow of the skyscrapers.

Price from: 1439 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

VI HK tokyo Hong Kong - Tokyo - 11 Jours | 8 Nuits
A unique combination of two fascinating Asian cities: Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Discover the magic of these two cities during this 11-day open trip to China and Japan. Our advisors will steer you towards the best activities that these cities offer and will put together an amazing trip that will stay with you forever.

Price from: 1713 £ Inc. VAT*Read more

Activities in Hakone

AI   Takayama Shirakawa go City guided tours : Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go, Kanazawa...
During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit many iconic places as well as the most beautiful monuments of the cities of Tokyo, Kyoto, Takayama, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa. You will thus be able to admire the different kinds of Japanese art: temples and shrines in Kyoto, modern buildings designed by renowned architects in Tokyo, historical houses in Takayama, Kanazawa’s wonderful landscape garden, Shirakawa-go’s Gassho-zukuri , the traditional old houses of Tsumago and Magome, as well as the impressive feudal castle of Matsumoto!

AI   Lac Ashi Cruise on Lake Ashi in Hakone
This deep blue lake is famous for its breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, the mythical perfect cone volcano, which is the symbol of the nation. A red Torii that seems to be floating on the lake emphasises the sacred elements of the site. This wonderful cruise on a pirate boat replica will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional landscape. This is one trip you must take!

AI   Musee du Petit Prince The Museum of the Little Prince in Hakone
The first and only museum in the world to be dedicated to the character of the Little Prince, the Hakone museum was inaugurated in 1999 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. The museum has rebuilt the key places of the aviator’s life on over 10,000 square metres. You will be impressed by the level of realism of the exhibits and fascinated by the museum’s breakdown of the exciting life of an exceptional man who created one of the most emblematic heroes of French literature.

AI   Hakone et du Mont Fuji Visit Hakone and Mount Fuji
Spend a day visiting the region of Mount Fuji and Hakone. The symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji is 3776 metres high and is the highest mountain in the country. A perfect cone volcano, it is religiously worshipped as the refuge of the kami, mountain spirits. You will take the bus to the fifth station to admire the view. After lunch, you will go to Hakone, the famous spa resort, where you will take a cruise on Lake Ashi. Finally, you will walk on the side of Mount Komagatake, where you will see steam rising from the fumaroles!

Hotels in Hakone

HI Fujiya Hakone
Fujiya - Hakone
A legendary hotel built in 1878, the 3* Superior Fujiya Hotel welcomes you to its grandiose setting. The outside architectural design mimics the Western style while keeping key elements from Japanese architecture, which creates a breathtaking façade. The rooms are all decorated in a classical yet simple manner and equipped with A/C, television and mini-bar. If you wish to relax, make the most of the hotels many amenities: an indoor swimming pool, an outdoor swimming pool, hot spring baths, a massage parlour and even a greenhouse with a wide variety of plants and flowers, which is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Finally, you have the choice of five restaurants and bars serving delicious Japanese and international cuisine.

HI Hakone Palace
Palace Hotel - Hakone
Enjoy a unique experience by spending two nights with the locals in a minshuku in the small town of Tsumago, located in the heart of the Japanese Alp and of Kiso valley. You will stay in a beautiful and welcoming old house that was built in the Edo period (1603 - 1867). This Minshuku offers Japanese-style rooms where you will sleep on a comfortable futon and tatami mats. You can relax in the hot Japanese baths, in traditional bathtubs made of cypress wood.

HI Ryokan Hakone Yumoto Hakone
Ryokan Hakone Yumoto - Hakone
Spend the night in a wonderful Japanese ryokan. The 3* Superior Hakone Yumoto is a traditional guesthouse where you can experience spending the night on a futon and tatami mats. Located in Yumoto Hakone, famous for its hot springs, you can relax in the evening in its indoor and outdoor hot baths. An unforgettable experience that is also incredibly healthy for you! You will be served a traditional dinner prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients in your room so that you can sample the local cuisine!

HI Ryokan Ichinoyu Hakone
Ryokan Ichinoyu - Hakone
The 3* Ichinoyu Hotel welcomes you to its quiet, idyllic natural setting in the small town of Hakone, which is famous for its hot springs. The rooms are typically Japanese and are decorated in a minimalistic yet elegant fashion. All the rooms are equipped with A/C and television. The hotel offers many amenities including the famous indoor and outdoor hot spring baths. You will have all you need to relax after a day of sightseeing. Finally, you will be served delicious traditional Kaiseki dishes, prepared by the chef, in your room. A delight for the taste buds and an unforgettable Japanese evening!

HI Yunohana Onsen Hakone
Yunohana Onsen Hotel - Hakone
Discover the magical experience of spending a night in a Ryokan, in a traditional, Japanese room where you will sleep on a comfortable futon! Surrounded by nature, this hotel offers onsen: indoor and outdoor hot baths using water from natural hot springs. The hotel serves traditional Japanese meals in the Kaiseki style. The 4* Hakone Yunohana Onsen Hotel offers a tennis court, a ping-pong table and a golf course for your leisure activities. You can also relax in the massage parlour or in the karaoke room !

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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