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Weekends and Getaways

Weekends and Getaways

Weekends and Getaways

Discover Tokyo & Kyoto, two very different cities, the first one very modern and the other one acting as the guardian of ancestral traditions. Live amongst the locals or in luxury hotels, the choice is yours!

You may also mix this discovery of Tokyo with the discovery of another major Asian city: Hong Kong, Seoul or Taipei. JapanVeo books your flights and hotels and you decide what to do and when to do it at your own pace!

Japan tours introduced below are suggestions which can be be modified, recomposed and adapted to your wishes:

VI escapade gourmande tokyo
Gastronomic tour in Tokyo - 7 Days | 5 Nights

Famous for having one of the healthiest and most refined cuisines in the world, the Japanese archipelago is best known in the West for its sushi. Although this cuisine is becoming better known, you will still be stunned by its variety, richness and delicacy. Not only will you discover the towns of Tokyo and Kamakura on this trip, you are also invited to take part in a culinary discovery! Eating in Japan is truly an authentic experience!

VI HK tokyo
Hong Kong - Tokyo - 11 Days | 8 Nights

A unique combination of two fascinating Asian cities: Hong Kong and Tokyo.
Discover the magic of these two cities during this 11-day open trip to China and Japan. Our advisors will steer you towards the best activities that these cities offer and will put together an amazing trip that will stay with you forever.

VI Tokyo Seoul
Tokyo - Seoul - 8 Days | 6 Nights

Between the Land of the Morning Calm and the Land of the Rising Sun, discover two incredibly different sides of the Far East. While Tokyo and Seoul are both huge modern cities, the atmosphere of these two neighbours is widely dissimilar. However, both cities share the charm created by the parks and secret gardens hidden in the shadow of the skyscrapers.

VI Tokyo Taipei
Tokyo - Taipei - 8 Days | 6 Nights

Although both cities offer a blend of modernity and tradition, the only thing that Tokyo and Taipei have in common is the first letter of their names. Discover the charm of the beautiful capital of Formosa, where the Chinese culture is apparent in the architecture of its monuments. A pleasantly relaxing excursion before you dive into the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, which is alive 24/7.

VI Tokyo Kyoto comme on les aime
Tokyo and Kyoto the way we like it - 8 Days | 6 Nights

Take a short trip to discover the opposing twins of Japan. Two capitals : one is economic and modern, lit up by the bright lights of its neon signs, the other is the cultural capital, with a hushed, refined atmosphere, boasting a large number of precious monuments. Stay in luxurious boutique hotels that perfectly illustrate the atmosphere of both cities.

VI architecture tokyo
Tokyo’s architecture - 8 Days | 5 Nights

As its urban guidelines are not as strict as those of European cities, Tokyo was able to experiment architecturally and become a real repository of avant-garde architecture. Indeed, the greatest international brands commissioned world-renowned architects to create some of their most original work in trendy neighbourhoods. This trip will allow you to discover the secrets of Tokyo as you walk through some of the most hidden neighbourhoods !

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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