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Family trips

Family trips

Our family private tours

These private tours were specially built to suit all the family members and let you travel without any worries. To make your trip more simple JapanVeo tried to keep the hotel and city changes to a minimum. These tours also include activities for your children which makes the discovery of Japan friendlier to them. These family tours can be performed on your own or with the help of an English speaking local guide and a private car.

Japan tours introduced below are suggestions which can be be modified, recomposed and adapted to your wishes:

VI l archipel aux tresors

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1.897 £ Inc. VAT*
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Treasures of the archipelago - 12 Days | 10 Nights

Discover the land of your children’s dreams with your family! With an age-old culture and proud rich cultural heritage that has been successfully preserved, Japan is also the country of the craziest and most futuristic inventions! On this tour, go back in time to the age of samurai and feudal castles one day and leap into the future where the sci-fi world of manga becomes reality the next! A wonderful trip to discover the unsuspected treasures of an atypical country!

VI dessine moi le japon

Price from
1.955 £ Inc. VAT*
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Through the eyes of a child - 14 Days | 12 Nights

Where best to go with children than the country that gave birth to our childhood heroes: from Dragon Ball Z to Pikachu and the charming Hello Kitty? Discover the different facets of Japan ! Discovery, fun and learning abound on this trip, which is filled with fascinating activities, guaranteed to create unforgettable memories !

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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