VH decouverte japon en liberte

Discover Japan at your leisure - 9 Days | 7 Nights

Tour top features:

  • Discover Japan with total freedom : visit sites at your own pace and see what you are interested in!
  • Two very different capitals : Tokyo and Kyoto.
  • The Mount Fuji region in Hakone
  • One night in a ryokan to enjoy hot springs
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Trip steps

Day 1 - London / Tokyo – Scheduled flight to Tokyo, possibility of a stopover in an Asian city
  • Leave from London to Tokyo Narita International Airport on a scheduled flight in economy class.
  • Night and meal on board.
  • Do not forget that it is entirely possible to stopover in Asia, Europe or the Middle East for one or more nights to spice things up, relax and discover a new destination, on the way there or on the way back.
  • Depending on your preferences, choose from our partner airlines:
    • Asiana via Seoul
    • Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong
    • Eva Air via Taipei
    • Finnair via Helsinki
    • Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich
Day 2 - Tokyo – Discover the city, a local Japanese restaurant and Hamarikyu Japanese garden

  • Arrive at Tokyo Narita International Airport
  • After having exchanged your coupon for a 7-day JR Pass (unlimited train rides with Japan Rail), take the train to the centre of Tokyo, where your hotel is located.
  • Tokyo, the charming capital, will be yours to discover! For a wonderful first glimpse of the city, start with the Shinjuku district and go up to the 45th floor of Tokyo City Hall, which offers a panoramic view of the city! On a nice day, you may even see Mount Fuji in the distance!
  • Then, stroll around the relaxing greenery of Yoyogi Park, a wooded haven of tranquillity within the city, which houses Meiji Jingu shrine. Walk along the colourful streets of Harajuku, the fashion district for young people and the perfect place for a shopping spree!
    Not far from there, walk down Omotesando Avenue, Tokyo’s Champs-Elysees, where you will find many fashion and luxury boutiques offering you an opportunity for yet more shopping.
    As the day comes to an end, explore the famous Shibuya district, renowned for having the largest intersection in the world and for its thousands of blinking neon lights and giant TV screens that are never turned off!
  • We recommend you have dinner in one of the many restaurants in this area: there is something for everyone !
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Grand Prince Hotel Tanakawa in Tokyo Shinagawa (or similar)
Day 3 - Tokyo – Visit the city, the Buddhist temple of Senso-ji, Harajuku and Shibuya districts and Yoyogi Park

  • Tokyo is a gigantic city and still has many wonders to offer!
  • In the early morning, stroll around the largest fish market in the world — Tsukiji Market — where thousands of different kinds of fish are sold every day! For breakfast, you can even try the delicious fresh sushi at the Daiwa sushi restaurant, located inside the market!
  • Admire an incredible view of Tokyo as you take a cruise on Sumida River all the way to Senso-ji Temple in the working-class district of Asakusa .
  • Then, discover the Akihabara district, also known as Electric Town, where you will find state-of-the-art electronics as well as manga and merchandise shops, which your children will undoubtedly love !
  • As night falls over the city, admire the colourful neon lights of the Ginza district, which is renowned for housing all the international fashion brands! Inside the Sony Building, you will find a showroom where you can test all of the brand’s latest gadgets!
  • In the evening, discover Tokyo by night, as you visit the Odaiba district, which is on an artificial island.
  • Enjoy dinner in a restaurant overlooking the lights of Tokyo Bay and the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Grand Prince Hotel Tanakawa in Tokyo Shinagawa (or similar)
Day 4 - Kamakura – Giant bronze statue of Buddha

  • Take the train to discover Kamakura, a small seaside town south of Tokyo. This former capital of the Shogun from 1185 to 1333 is far from the bustling capital.
  • Walk around this small coastal town and enjoy the wonderful temples and shrines and their hushed atmosphere.
  • Engaku-ji is one of the most famous Zen Buddhist temples in Japan. It was built in 1282, but now only 17 of the 40 original buildings still remain.
  • You can also visit Hachiman-gu shrine. Originally built by the water, this temple, which dates back to 1063, was moved to its current location in 1191. Consecrated to Hachiman, the God of War, this is the most important Shino shrine in Japan.
  • Admire the Daibutsu , a giant bronze statue of Buddha, which was cast and sculpted in 1252. It is 13 metres high, which makes it the second tallest Buddha in Japan after the one in Nara. The Buddha is sitting in the lotus position and has been meditating under the stars for over 700 years.
  • In the evening, you will return to Tokyo for one last night in the capital.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 4* Grand Prince Hotel Tanakawa in Tokyo Shinagawa (or similar)
Day 5 - Hakone – Owakudani and the Museum of the Little Prince

  • Thanks to your 2-day Hakone Pass, discover Hakone, a spa resort renowned for its natural hot springs created by the region’s volcanic, sulphuric gases.
  • Start with a stroll between the Owakudani fumaroles. In a lunar-like, rocky landscape, stroll around the side of Kamiyama volcano from which rise clouds of sulphuric gas.
  • Sample the famous Kura-Tamago, black eggs hard-boiled in boiling waters that, it is said, will add seven years to the life of those who eat them.
  • In the afternoon, discover the Museum of the Little Prince, the only museum in the world to be entirely devoted to the book by Saint-Exupéry, where you can visit a life-size reconstruction of his French hometown, Saint Maurice de Remens!
  • In the evening, spend a Japanese-style night in a hotel where you can enjoy a relaxing bath in a natural hot spring: an onsen.
  • Lunch and dinner in your ryokan.
  • Spend the night in the 3* Superior Hakone Yumoto Hotel in Hakone (or similar)
Day 6 - Hakone / Kyoto – Discover Lake Ashi by boat and Mount Komagatake by ropeway, take the train to Kyoto
  • This morning, cross Lake Ashi by boat, and enjoy the amazing scenery, including the symbol of the region: Mount Fuji, which overlooks a giant red torii standings in the waters of the Lake to emphasize its sacred nature. You will then take the ropeway to Mount Komagatake, which also offers incredible views .
  • In the afternoon, leave for Kyoto, the former capital of Japan on the famous Shinkansen bullet train.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 3* Superior Miyako Hotel in Kyoto (or similar).
Day 7 - Kyoto – Temples, Gion, Geisha and Pontocho districts

  • Enjoy the incredible historical and cultural heritage of the former capital of Japan.
  • We recommend you visit the most beautiful temple of Kyoto, recognised as UNESCO World Heritage Site: the famous Kinkaku-ji, better known as the Golden Pavilion, as this elegant structure is entirely covered with gold leaf.
  • A short distance away, Ryoan-ji temple and its famous Zen garden are an invitation to pause and to meditate.
  • A little further on, Ninna-ji houses beautiful structures: a palace surrounded by greenery and a small pagoda. In the eastern part of the city, visit the most impressive temple in Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera, a beautiful wooden structure, perched on the side of a cliff and propped up by giant wooden stilts.
  • Finally, as night falls, walk around the small alleyways in Gion, Kyoto’s historical district, where you will find beautiful wooden teahouses where some of the most refined dinners are held. You may be lucky enough to run into onw of the Geisha, who still work and live in this district.
  • On the other side of the river, in a parallel street, you will find plenty of places to eat in the charming Pontocho district.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure
  • Spend the night in the 3* Superior New Miyako Hotel in Kyoto (or similar)
Day 8 - Nara – Nara Park and Gango-ji temple

  • Spend a very pleasant day in the small town of Nara. Founded in the 8th century, Nara was the first real capital of Japan from 710 to 784. Forty kilometres (about 24 miles) from Kyoto, Nara is also a cultural hotspot and houses many UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • Walk around Nara Park, where thousands of tame deer roam freely.
  • As you enter the Park, do not miss Kôfuku-ji temple, which is comprised of ten buildings including a beautiful five-storey pagoda dating back to 1426.
  • Next, visit Todaiji temple, which houses the biggest bronze Buddha in Japan.
  • Then, walk through the forest until you reach Kasuga shrine. Erected in 768, its bright red buildings offer a strikingly beautiful contrast with the surrounding greenery. Wrapped in light, the shrine shines brightly thanks to the 1,800 stone lanterns lining its paths and the thousands of metal lanterns hanging from the corridors’ eaves.
  • In the town centre, the Nara-machi district is a lovely place for a stroll . Its maze of small, narrow streets houses local crafts shops.
  • Make the most of this time to visit Gango-ji temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • In the evening, you will return to Kyoto.
  • Lunch and dinner at your leisure.
  • Spend the night in the 3* Superior Miyako Hotel in Kyoto (or similar)
Day 9 - Kansai Airport / London – Back to UK

  • The day of departure has arrived.
  • Take the train to Kansai Airport, where you will take a scheduled flight for London in economy class, filled with unforgettable memories!

Tour's activities

Our selection of activities

Discover special activities to enhance your trip and give you the best souvenirs. Ask our specialist for more information !

Activities included

AI   Lac Ashi Cruise on Lake Ashi in Hakone
This deep blue lake is famous for its breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, the mythical perfect cone volcano, which is the symbol of the nation. A red Torii that seems to be floating on the lake emphasises the sacred elements of the site. This wonderful cruise on a pirate boat replica will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional landscape. This is one trip you must take!

Activities recommended in Tokyo

AI   Riviere Sumida Cruise on the river Sumida in Tokyo
Discover Tokyo in a different way by taking a cruise on the river Sumida that flows through Tokyo! For 40 minutes, you will enjoy a unique panorama of the city and will be able to observe all the buildings that make Tokyo an incredible city! The river Sumida is 27 kilometres long and is crossed by 26 bridges, which are all built in a different architectural style. Keep your camera close at hand for stunning pictures of the city and its bay.
AI   croisiere baie Tokyo Dinner and Cruise in Tokyo Bay
Cruise Tokyo Bay in the evening aboard a Yakatabune, a Japanese-style boat dating back centuries, and admire the lights of the Odaiba district, on an artificial island, as well as those of the Rainbow Bridge, which light up the bay and its little islands. You will be served a traditional Japanese tempura dinner: vegetables, seafood or meat fried in a delicate batter that literally melt in your mouth. A delight for the taste buds!
AI   Musee Ghibli Ghibli Museum in Mitaka
Enter into the wonderful world of the greatest manga artist in Japan: Hayao Miyazaki, father of the adorable Totoro and mischievous Chihiro. Take a look behind the scenes of a manga production and walk into the master’s office where you can view beautiful original drawings. In a giant Cat Bus, the children will enjoy viewing an original, unaired twenty-minute animated film. A must-see! This activity is also offered with an English-speaking guide on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:40 p.m. to 6 p.m. – 62 Euros (about 53 GBP)
AI   Visite KAmakura Guided tour of Kamakura
Discover one of the most famous towns in Japan, renowned for its rich heritage! Kamakura was the Shogun’s capital in the 12th century and still has some amazing remnants of its past. You will visit some of the town’s temples and shrines: Hachiman-gu and Hase-dera and their beautiful gardens. After lunch, you will go and admire the second largest Buddha in Japan, after the one in Nara, who has been meditating under the sky for hundreds of years. A rickshaw version of this tour is also possible: visit the town in a human-powered tricycle.
AI   Visite de Nikko Guided tour of Nikko
A UNESCO World Heritage site, Nikko is a must-see. This small mountain town houses incredible baroque temples. Visit the renowned Toshogu temple that shines brightly in the heart of a forest of giant Japanese cedars. After lunch, you will go to the shores of Lake Chuzenji, in the shade of Mount Nantai. You will admire Kegon Falls, one of the largest waterfalls in Japan!
AI   Cours de cuisine de Sushi Learn how to make sushi and visit the Tsukiji fish market
Walk around the incredible Tsukiji market, the largest fish market in the world, where thousands of different kinds of fish and seafood are sold. Then take a cooking class and learn how to make the most popular Japanese food in the world: sushi. To top it all off, enjoy the results of your cooking class for lunch!
AI   Grande roue dOdaiba Odaiba Ferris Wheel
Go up on the Ferris Wheel on the artificial island of Odaiba! You will have an amazing view of the city of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay! In the evening, you will be delighted by the beauty of Rainbow Bridge.
AI   The et cuisine Kaiseki Tea ceremony and Kaiseki dinner
Experience an authentic three-hour tea ceremony performed by tea master Soryu Maruyama. Discover all the steps of the ceremony, from preparing the tea to drinking it, Kaiseki-style. An incredible experience that will bring you closer to one of the most traditional Japanese arts following a meticulously codified ritual that enhances the beauty of each movement.
AI   Tokyo dans lapres midi Tokyo afternoon visit
Take in the incredible view of Tokyo from the top of Tokyo Tower. Visit the lively Asakusa district, wander around the Imperial Palace Park and walk down Ginza avenue.
AI   Visite de Tokyo le matin Tokyo morning visit
The Asakusa district and its beautiful temple, walk in the Imperial Palace Park, tour of the Ginza district and visit of Meiji shrine in the scenic Yoyogi park.
AI   Hakone et du Mont Fuji Visit Hakone and Mount Fuji
Spend a day visiting the region of Mount Fuji and Hakone. The symbol of Japan, Mount Fuji is 3776 metres high and is the highest mountain in the country. A perfect cone volcano, it is religiously worshipped as the refuge of the kami, mountain spirits. You will take the bus to the fifth station to admire the view. After lunch, you will go to Hakone, the famous spa resort, where you will take a cruise on Lake Ashi. Finally, you will walk on the side of Mount Komagatake, where you will see steam rising from the fumaroles!
AI   Visite de Tokyo la journee Visit Tokyo
Visit Meiji shrine in the heart of Yoyogi Park, walk in the Imperial Palace Park, wander around the colourful Asakusa district and admire its beautiful temple. Then, take a lunch cruise on the Sumida all the way to Tokyo Bay. Finally, visit the artificial island of Odaiba.
AI   Visite de Tokyo de nuit Visit Tokyo by Night and have dinner in a Japanese restaurant
Have dinner in a typical Japanese restaurant where you can choose from a selection of Japanese delicacies from Tempura to Sashimi and Sukiyaki. Then discover Tokyo by night and visit the artificial island of Odaiba and the Ginza district, famous for its multi-coloured neon lights, and admire the view from the observatory in Roppongi Hills.
AI   Match de Baseball Watch a baseball match
Did you know that, sumo wrestling aside, the most popular sport in Japan is baseball? This typical American sport has taken over the island chain that passionately supports the different teams! In fact, the Japanese became the baseball world champions this year for the second time in a row, beating the American and Korean teams ! Outside of the US, the most famous baseball team in the world is the Tokyo Giants whose home stadium Tokyo dome is nicknamed “the Big Egg”. Attend a match and watch the crowd go wild!
AI   Representation de Kabuki Watch a Kabuki performance
Watch a Kabuki performance, a theatrical art typical to Japan. In beautiful sets representing traditional Japanese landscapes, the actors – all men – wear extremely elaborate costumes and make-up and act, sing, dance and play musical instruments to the delight of the crowd. This show is rich in colour and full of poetry – let it transport you to another world!
AI   Match de Sumo Watch a sumo match in Tokyo
Experience a unique holiday by watching a sumo match, a traditional Japanese sport which is extremely popular in the island chain. These fights were born almost 1,500 years ago as part of a Shinto ceremony. They were dedicated to the Gods along with songs and dances to ensure a good harvest. This sport is particularly impressive as it still contains religious rituals that are performed before and after the game, and the matches themselves are incredible! It is possible to follow this activity with a Japanese dinner: discover the meal of sumo wrestlers, Chanko Nabe – 42 Euros (about 38 GBP).
AI   Entrainement de sumo Watch sumo training and meet champions!
Experience an enriching, incredible moment as you meet sumo champions! They are highly respected and even worshipped in Japan! You will watch them train and then share a traditional meal with them: Chanko Nabe. A genuine, unique experience!

Activities recommended in Kyoto

AI   Kyoto lapres midi Afternoon guided tour of Kyoto
Discover some of Kyoto’s most beautiful temples with an English-speaking guide ! You will start by visiting Heian jingu shrine and its beautiful Japanese landscape garden. You will then walk around the traditional neighbourhood of Higashiyama. After that, you will visit Sanjusangendo temple, which is 125 metres long and famous for its hundreds of statues of the goddess Kannon. Finally, you will go to one of the most popular and most impressive temples of Kyoto: Kiyomizu-dera.
AI   Diner a Gion Dine in Gion and watch a traditional Japanese show
Enjoy a guided walking tour of the narrow streets of Gion – Kyoto’s historical district. Dine in a Japanese restaurant where you will have the opportunity to taste tempura. Visit Gion Corner, the Geisha school, where you will attend a show presenting different traditional Japanese arts : a dance performed by Maiko dancers (apprentice Geisha), a piece of music played on the Koto (Japanese harp), Kado (a style of flower arrangement), Kyogen (traditional theatre) and Bunkaru (puppet theatre). There will also be a tea ceremony where you will learn to prepare matcha, Japanese green tea. A shorter version of this activity is also offered from 5:20 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from March to December – 115 Euros (about 100 GBP).
AI   Visite de kyoto a velo Half-day visit of Kyoto by bicycle
Kyoto is full of charming, secret passageways that are fun to discover by bicycle. With an English-speaking guide, you will bike around the Gion district and its teahouses where Geisha perform. You will then ride along the river Shirakawa before discovering the vast park of the former Imperial Palace, a peaceful retreat in the city centre.
AI   Dejeuner a Gion Have lunch with a Maiko in Gion
Maiko are apprentice Geishas in the Gion district. They wear beautiful coloured kimonos and have elaborate hairstyles with Kanzashi – lovely ornaments usually shaped like flowers – in the image of traditional Japanese dolls with porcelain complexions. You will have the opportunity to share a meal with one of these generally inaccessible artists. An English-speaking guide will come to pick you up at the hotel around noon and will take you to see the Gion district. You will be served a traditional Japanese meal in a charming restaurant overlooking the Shirakawa river. At the end of the meal, a young Maiko will come and join you. You will have the opportunity to take pictures with her and then she will dance for you.
AI   spectacle de danse maiko Japanese dinner with Maiko dance show
Enjoy a traditional Japanese dinner in the Hatoya Zuihoukaku restaurant, near Kyoto station. You will have the opportunity to sample various traditional Japanese dishes. After that, you will watch Maiko, apprentice Geisha, perform traditional dances for the crowd’s delight. At the end of the show, you will be able to meet the Maiko and talk with her.
AI   Cours de patisserie Learn how to make Japanese desserts and enjoy a Kaiseki lunch
Enjoy a delicious traditional Japanese meal in the Kaiseki style. This refined cuisine is famous for the way it is beautifully presented. The ingredients are always fresh and seasonal. Then, with an English-speaking guide, you will take a Japanese cooking course to learn how to make Japanese desserts, traditionally served with green tea.
AI   Kyoto le matin Morning visit of Kyoto
Take your first steps in the cultural capital of Japan with an English-speaking guide! You will discover the town’s most famous temple : Kinkakuji or the Golden Pavilion. You will then visit Nijo Castle. You will amble around the park of the former Imperial Palace before visiting the Kyoto Handicraft Centre, which displays many local traditional handicrafts.
AI   Kyoto et Nara One-day guided tour of Kyoto and Nara
In the morning, visit the most beautiful temples of Kyoto with an English-speaking guide: the Golden Pavilion or Kinkakuji. You will then walk around the Imperial Palace Park. In the afternoon, after lunch, you will leave for the small town of Nara, the first capital of Japan, which also houses many treasures. You will walk around Nara Park and discover the impressive Todai-ji temple and the bright-red Kasuga shrine, famous for its thousands of lanterns.
AI   1 jour de visite de Kyoto One-day visit of Kyoto
Discover one of the most beautiful historical towns of Japan with an English speaking guide! The former capital is full of treasures and your guide will share with you many stories about Kyoto and its wonders! Visit some of the most beautiful temples in Kyoto : Kinkakuji, more commonly known as the Golden Pavilion, as well as Ryoanji that houses one of the most famous Zen gardens in Japan . After lunch, you will walk around the Imperial Palace Park.
AI   Bicyclette a Kyoto Renting a bicycle in Kyoto
Discover the charming town of Kyoto and its secret passageways by bicycle! A quiet, wide town built in a valley, Kyoto is the perfect place for a nice bike ride! You will have the bicycle for the day and can choose where you want to go.
AI   Degustation de Sake Sake-tasting in Fushimi
Sake is a typical Japanese rice-based alcoholic beverage. Come and discover the secrets of sake production in the small town of Fushimi in the south of Kyoto, with an English-speaking guide. You will have the opportunity to taste some of the region’s best sake and, who knows, maybe bring some back for your own parties.
AI   Cours de cuisine de Tofu Tofu cooking course
Tofu is a soft, white block produced by coagulating soy milk by adding lemon juice, salt and vinegar. It is a common ingredient in Asian dishes and is renowned for its health benefits. During this class, you will learn how to cook tofu with an English-speaking guide. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to eat the food you have prepared
AI visite de sagano arayashima Visit of Sagano and Arashiyama
All those who enjoy nature walks will love discovering the district of Arashiyama with an English-speaking guide. You will visit its famous bamboo grove – Sagano forest – as well as Tenryû-ji temple, one of the five main Zen temples of Kyoto. Its garden represents a dry waterfall of rocks throwing themselves into a pool and forming the Chinese character “heart”. You will also visit Jojakkoji temple, which is less known but well worth discovering. Finally, you will walk on the famous Togetsukyo bridge that connects both banks of the river and offers a beautiful view of this part of Kyoto.
AI   Medidation Zazen et Jardin Hiei Zazen meditation and Hiei Garden
Experience spiritual Japan by attending a session of Zazen meditation in the UNESCO World Heritage Buddhist temple of Enryakuji, on Mount Hiei. After meditating, you will partake of the same vegetarian meal as the temple’s monks. You will then visit the truly beautiful Hiei Garden.

Tour's hotels

Our selection of hotels

Hotels included

HI Ryokan Hakone Yumoto Hakone
Ryokan Hakone Yumoto - Hakone
Spend the night in a wonderful Japanese ryokan. The 3* Superior Hakone Yumoto is a traditional guesthouse where you can experience spending the night on a futon and tatami mats. Located in Yumoto Hakone, famous for its hot springs, you can relax in the evening in its indoor and outdoor hot baths. An unforgettable experience that is also incredibly healthy for you! You will be served a traditional dinner prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients in your room so that you can sample the local cuisine!
HI Grand Prince Takanawa Tokyo
Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa - Tokyo
Close to the JR Shinagawa subway station, the 4* Grand Prince Hotel Takanawa is perfectly located for exploring the city as it is only a few stops away from the Shibuya, Shinjuku and Harajuku neighbourhoods on one side and Ginza, the Imperial Palace and Tokyo Bay on the other. This beautiful hotel has comfortable, spacious rooms, some of which overlook a lovely little Japanese garden. They are all equipped with television, A/C and Internet connection. If you wish to relax, a sauna, jacuzzi, fitness centre and massage parlour offering aromatherapy treatments are all available inside the hotel.
HI New Miyako Kyoto
New Miyako - Kyoto
With 986 Western and Japanese-style rooms, the 4* New Miyako hotel is located a few steps away from JR Kyoto station, which offers easy access to different sites in the town by bus or metro. Each room is equipped with television, hair-dryer and refrigerator. The hotel has four restaurants: French, Japanese, Chinese and a buffet of international cuisine where you will surely find dishes you will enjoy. Finally, the hotel offers various boutiques and services: traditional Japanese objects, as well as a beauty salon and photo studio.

Good to know

Additional Information

  • Hotels and meals
    • If a hotel mentioned in the program is not available, a hotel in a similar category will be booked.
    • The visits mentioned in this program are merely suggestions. Of course, you can allocate your free time as you wish and visit other towns near Tokyo and Kyoto apart from those mentioned in the itinerary.
    • Most of the lunches and dinners in this tour are at your leisure to allow you can appreciate the diversity of Japanese cuisine according to your tastes and wishes. Please note that it is very easy to find food in Japan as there are many little restaurants offering a wide variety of dishes. Furthermore, simple, filling meals are inexpensive. Bon appetit!
  • Climate
    • Are you coming to Japan in winter?
      Bring warm clothes as the winter temperatures in Tokyo are similar to those in Paris.
      If you are travelling to the north of Japan in winter, to the west coast or to the Japanese Alps, bring clothes adapted to extreme temperatures since cold winds from Siberia often blow over Japan!
      A real Northern experience!
    • Are you going to Japan in summer?
      Please note that the weather will be very hot and humid! Pack your summer clothes but do not forget to bring an umbrella, especially in June and September, as well as warmer clothes for the cool evenings or for the north of Japan. Do not forget your sunglasses, hats and swimming costumes!
    • Are you going to Japan during the intermediary seasons: spring and autumn?
      Do not hesitate to bring summer clothes (shorts, swimming costumes, T-shirts, light shoes) as well as winter clothes (umbrella, jeans, jumpers, jackets and closed shoes) as the temperatures are mild in the south of Japan but cooler in Tokyo and the north.
    • Are you stopping off in Asia on the way there or on the way back?
      In this case, to avoid standing out in Hong Kong in your ski-suit or winter jacket, pack T-shirts, shorts and light shoes.
  • International flights and stopovers in Asia

    Depending on the period of travel, we have purposely calculated our prices with one of the partner airlines mentioned below so that you can always enjoy the best possible prices.
    As soon as you ask us for a quote, we will select the cheapest company by default (depending on your dates of travel).
    However, if you would prefer to fly with a specific partner airline or if you would like to stop over in a specific Asian city (among those mentioned below), please let us know!
    Please note that the price will be adjusted accordingly.

    • Our partner airlines, which offer flights to and from Tokyo and Osaka:
      • Asiana via Seoul
      • Air France (nonstop flights)
      • Cathay Pacific via Hong Kong
      • Eva Air via Taipei
      • Finnair via Helsinki
      • Lufthansa via Frankfurt or Munich
    • Stopovers in Asia, Europe or the Middle-East, base price for 1 night, in a double room :
      • Hong Kong, 3* Hotel + transfers + breakfast : from 45€ (about 37 GBP) per person
      • Seoul, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Taiwan, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 60€ (about 50 GBP) per person
      • Europe, 3* Hotel + transfer + breakfast : from 90€ (about 74 GBP) per person

Tour price

The price include:


The price doesn't include:

  • International flights London / Tokyo on the way there and Osaka / London on the way back on scheduled flights in economy class
  • Airport taxes (including fuel surcharge) and the Solidarity Tax
  • 7 nights’ accommodation in a standard double room in the 3* Superior and 4* hotel mentioned in the itinerary. If one of these hotels is not available, similar quality accommodation will be booked
  • Meals: all breakfasts and one dinner in Hakone
  • All unlimited train trips on JR lines in second class, as stated in the itinerary, thanks to the 7-day JR Pass
  • All unlimited travel by subway or public transport on JR lines
  • Your bus ticket from Kyoto to Kansai Airport (Day 9)
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks and meals not included in the programme
  • Activities and transports not included in the programme
  • Stopover in Asia or Europe (optional)

Discover Japan at your leisure - 9 Days | 7 Nights

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9 Days

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1454 £

* price per person "from", double base in standard room, if available at the booking time

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