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Sports and Leisures

Sports and Leisures

AI   Pour les enfants
What about the children ?

What country could be more attractive to children than the birthplace of their childhood heroes from Hello Kitty to Pikachu and video games like Sonic and Super Mario ? Not only is Japan the safest country in the world, it is also full of fascinating activities and services for your children! This tour was designed to be entertaining both for children and adults and combines days of visiting temples and shrines with fun days out for children! In Tokyo, your children will love spending a day at Disneyland, as well as browsing in the Akibahara manga stores or playing in video game arcades like Joypolis in Odaiba! In Nikko, you will discover Japanese culture in an entertaining way at Edo Wonderland theme park where you will enjoy ninja and samurai shows. In Hakone, you will cross Lake Ashi on a pirate ship and in Nara your children will marvel at the tame deer that roam through town and enjoy petting and feeding them.

AI   Dysneyland Tokyo
A day at Tokyo Disneyland

Spend an unforgettable day at Tokyo Disneyland: come and discover all the magic of the Disney universe in Tokyo ! Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney theme park to be built outside of the United States. It houses two parks, including one entirely dedicated to the sea: DisneySea. Full of completely new attractions, the DisneySea theme park allows you to discover the world’s seven seas. A fun-packed day that will delight parents and children alike!

AI   Tokyo Joypolis
Tokyo Joypolis

Located on the artificial island of Odaiba, Tokyo Joypolis is the largest video arcade in Japan. It was opened by SEGA in 1994. In this ultimate video game arcade, you will find all sorts of fun, creative attractions that will most certainly delight your children. You will be surprised at the plethora of choices available in the country of innovation! For instance, you can pilot real luxury cars on a virtual racetrack! Fun and laughter guaranteed!

AI   Grande roue dOdaiba
Odaiba Ferris Wheel

Go up on the Ferris Wheel on the artificial island of Odaiba! You will have an amazing view of the city of Tokyo and Tokyo Bay! In the evening, you will be delighted by the beauty of Rainbow Bridge.

AI   Bicyclette a Kyoto
Renting a bicycle in Kyoto

Discover the charming town of Kyoto and its secret passageways by bicycle! A quiet, wide town built in a valley, Kyoto is the perfect place for a nice bike ride! You will have the bicycle for the day and can choose where you want to go.

AI   Visite de kyoto a velo
Half-day visit of Kyoto by bicycle

Kyoto is full of charming, secret passageways that are fun to discover by bicycle. With an English-speaking guide, you will bike around the Gion district and its teahouses where Geisha perform. You will then ride along the river Shirakawa before discovering the vast park of the former Imperial Palace, a peaceful retreat in the city centre.

AI   Rickshaw a Matsuyama
Rickshaw in the streets of Matsuyama

Discover the town of Matsuyama thanks to an original and very Asian form of transport ! Comfortably seated in your rickshaw, let your driver take you through the maze of streets, relax and enjoy the amazing scenery around you!

AI   Visite de Tokyo la journee
Visit Tokyo

Visit Meiji shrine in the heart of Yoyogi Park, walk in the Imperial Palace Park, wander around the colourful Asakusa district and admire its beautiful temple. Then, take a lunch cruise on the Sumida all the way to Tokyo Bay. Finally, visit the artificial island of Odaiba.

AI   Entrainement de sumo
Watch sumo training and meet champions!

Experience an enriching, incredible moment as you meet sumo champions! They are highly respected and even worshipped in Japan! You will watch them train and then share a traditional meal with them: Chanko Nabe. A genuine, unique experience!

AI   Match de Sumo
Watch a sumo match in Tokyo

Experience a unique holiday by watching a sumo match, a traditional Japanese sport which is extremely popular in the island chain. These fights were born almost 1,500 years ago as part of a Shinto ceremony. They were dedicated to the Gods along with songs and dances to ensure a good harvest. This sport is particularly impressive as it still contains religious rituals that are performed before and after the game, and the matches themselves are incredible! It is possible to follow this activity with a Japanese dinner: discover the meal of sumo wrestlers, Chanko Nabe – 42 Euros (about 38 GBP).

AI   Match de Baseball
Watch a baseball match

Did you know that, sumo wrestling aside, the most popular sport in Japan is baseball? This typical American sport has taken over the island chain that passionately supports the different teams! In fact, the Japanese became the baseball world champions this year for the second time in a row, beating the American and Korean teams ! Outside of the US, the most famous baseball team in the world is the Tokyo Giants whose home stadium Tokyo dome is nicknamed “the Big Egg”. Attend a match and watch the crowd go wild!

AI   Caldera du Mont Aso
Trip to the Mount Aso caldera

Mount Aso is the largest volcano in Japan – but also one of the most active! Located in the centre of Kyûshu, Mount Aso is 1,592 metres above sea level. Its amazing caldera is the largest in the world. It is 25 km (15 miles) long and 18 km (11 miles) wide and actually contains more than 15 volcanic cones! The lunar-like scenery that you will encounter on this magical excursion will delight you! You will love the impressive palate of the earth’s moods that are brought to life by geysers, bubbling hot springs, acid blue lakes and many fumaroles!

AI   Lac Ashi
Cruise on Lake Ashi in Hakone

This deep blue lake is famous for its breathtaking view of Mount Fuji, the mythical perfect cone volcano, which is the symbol of the nation. A red Torii that seems to be floating on the lake emphasises the sacred elements of the site. This wonderful cruise on a pirate boat replica will offer you the opportunity to enjoy the exceptional landscape. This is one trip you must take!

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